The University of Newcastle, Australia

Current students

Although you may live thousands of kilometres from fellow students, our online virtual classroom allows you to engage in a highly collaborative learning environment, while under the guidance of a skilled online facilitator.

To cater for the study needs of busy professionals, our online approach is learner centred, offering a unique combination of printed and electronic media. Combined with online interaction, you have complete control over when and where you study.


Looking for a form? Visit the student forms page for all the forms you need to help you get through your time at University.

Key dates

Make sure you bookmark our key dates page. Here you will find trimester and semester start and end dates, as well as course withdrawal deadlines.

Services and resources

As is the case with on-campus study, our students have access to all University facilities such as the online library, resources and support tools. Take at look at some of the postgraduate services and resources available to you.

Students should all be familiar with the University's policy and terms and conditions.

Tuition fees

All course fees are set by the University of Newcastle. For a complete overview of Program Fees, how they are calculated, current year coursework fees and associated conditions please visit our fees and costs page. This page also includes information on the Student Services and Amenities Fee.

Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

The University's Code of Conduct embodies its values of honesty, fairness, trust, responsibility, accountability and respect. All members of the university community are required to uphold these values. These values are the basis of all your academic endeavours and are fundamental to the University Academic Integrity Policy. It is critical that you read and understand this policy, as well as information about the Academic Integrity Module at the University of Newcastle.

At enrolment, you will be required to declare your understanding of the University's policy on academic integrity which includes procedures and penalties for academic misconduct by students. Academic misconduct includes all forms of cheating and plagiarism. Students will also be required to complete the online Academic Integrity Module (AIM) at the beginning of their

Failure to complete the Academic Integrity Module within the designated time frame will result in your access being placed 'On Hold'.

The AIM will be available via Blackboard. The Centre for Teaching and Learning provide a number of resources to assist in Academic and Learning Development. Please access these resources before completing the AIM.