Professional credit

If you have qualifications or experience beyond the minimum entry requirements for a Masters Degree, you may be able to complete your degree in reduced time and at reduced cost.

The Newcastle Business School will consider your relevant professional experience and you could reduce your study by up to a third! Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) may result in credit granted for up to four courses.

RPL may be granted to you when you demonstrate competencies aligned to the learning outcomes of selected courses. You can do this as part of your application by providing a statement and supporting documentation outlining relevant business or organisational experience.

You can apply for professional credit in the following programs:

Apply for professional credit

To apply for credit for the Master of Applied Finance, MBA or Master of International Business, please refer to the learning outcomes for each course below and additional instructions on how to apply to have your professional experience assessed for credit.

Applicants for the Master of Applied Finance, MBA or Master of International Business must be able to demonstrate that they have achieved these learning outcomes (for one or more of the courses listed above), through education and/or experience ABOVE the minimum requirements for direct admission to the Masters degree.

A completed RPL application form and supporting documentation should be submitted along with your application for admission.

Option 1 - For students applying directly online;

Option 2 - International students wishing to study on campus at the University of Newcastle.

  • RPL application and supporting documentation should be emailed with your application for admission to

To apply for credit for the Master of Marketing or Master of Human Resource Management view the application details for each program and select from the options to have your professional qualifications and/or work experience considered. You will need to provide:

  • certified copies of all relevant qualifications
  • a detailed CV
  • a statement of service or signed letters from employers confirming your role, duties and period of employment when applying

Please note: If you have previously completed postgraduate educational qualifications (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters), you should apply for direct credit.