The University of Newcastle, Australia

Give yourself the best start at uni.

The University Preparation Program (UPP) has been designed to help you make a successful transition to university and to support you through your studies.

UPP is a FREE program providing you with academic knowledge and confidence in the weeks leading up to your new degree.

The program provides you with an introduction to degree content and skills.

As part of the program you will receive:

ORIENTATION Orientation to your degree-specific UPP program
TAUGHT BY EXPERTS Courses taught by discipline experts
AWARD ON TRANSCRIPT Completed courses are included on your academic transcript
INTRODUCTORY SESSION Introductory session with key staff from your chosen degree
PEER AND ACADEMIC SUPPORT Peer mentoring and academic support while you are settling into the first weeks of your degree

What does UPP involve?

You'll get to study a range of skill-building and discipline-related courses with UPP.

Week 1: 2-5 February Week 2: 8-12 February Week 3: 15-19 February

UPP Orientation

What you will study:
Academic Survival Skills course
plus your first EPREP course

Meet your Academic Expert

What you will study:
Academic Survival Skills course
plus your second EPREP course

Mentor discovery session

What you will study:
Academic Survival Skills course
Faculty orientation

What do you need to do to participate?

Register your interest in UPP

Register your interest before 20 January, 2021 to commence the program 1 February, 2021.

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