The University of Newcastle, Australia

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15 Hours on average per course
Improve your success rate

Improve your academic skills and knowledge

Uni Prep bridging and refresher courses are designed to build your academic skills and knowledge prior to commencing your Enabling Pathways program or undergraduate degree.

Achieve success in your first semester

Students who complete Uni Prep courses have a 5-8% higher success rate in their first semester and perform better in their degree overall.

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Key subject areas

Our Uni Prep courses cover a wide range of subject areas to suit the degree or program you are wanting to prepare for:

Academic Skills Reading, Writing & Grammar, ESL Student Support
Computing Introductory and Advanced Computing, UONline essentials
Degree-Specific for Health, Nursing, Science and Engineering degrees
Mathematics Statistics, Foundation and Advanced Mathematics
Science Chemistry, Physics & Biology

These courses are delivered across different modes of study ranging from independent and self-paced to more hands-on and supportive with direct access to our University teachers.

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