The University of Newcastle, Australia

Students talking and studying together

The first day of uni might make you feel nervous or excited, or a little bit of both. This is really common, most other students also feel those things. Being prepared is one of the best ways to feel as confident as possible and make that first day a bit easier. Here are some tips about what to do before you come to uni and what to bring on your first day.

What to do the day before

  • Get familiar with the Blackboard site for each of your courses. At the start of each semester the courses you have enrolled in will be automatically added to your Blackboard – you can find them under ‘My Course Sites’. Download or bookmark your course outlines and any other readings. Join the course discussion board if there is one.
  • Download the myUON app and double check your timetable and classrooms.
  • Check the maps in myUON or online so that you have an idea of where you have to be. Make sure you check out where the cafés and food outlets are located.

How to get here

The University encourages students to use sustainable travel options whenever possible. It’s important to plan ahead and know the different transport options available to you for each of our campuses.

Plan your trip – know public transport routes or where to park your car if you’re driving. And make sure you factor in walking time and a little extra time in case you get lost. There are Student Central staff on hand to help you find your way in the first few weeks. Just look for someone wearing a blue shirt with ‘Ask Me’ on the back – and ask them. They are very friendly and there to help.

What to bring

  • Notepad and pen or device for taking notes (with charger)
  • Headphones
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Student Card (if you got it beforehand)
  • Backpack to carry it in