The University of Newcastle, Australia

Compulsory student attendance

The University is introducing a compulsory 80% attendance requirement for all first year undergraduate (1000 level) courses in Semester 1 2020.

What does student success look like?

There are clear, well-documented links between high attendance and student success. The University has implemented compulsory attendance in a number of courses and degrees with successful outcomes for students. We now want this success for all students and therefore have introduced compulsory attendance to support and encourage our students to attend class.

Key points about compulsory attendance

  • Compulsory 80% attendance in Semester 1 2020 is required at all learning sessions with the exception of whole-class lectures for all first-year students in 1000 level courses. Lectures and online learning sessions are NOT included.
  • We’re using ExLibris’ internationally-used campusM software for recording attendance.  This software connects to our timetabling system and the myUON app, which uses geolocation to confirm that the student is present in the location of the scheduled class i.e marked 'present' in the class roll. The app only checks the student’s location at the time of the class. It does not track movement outside of the classroom. This technology has been used to record attendance at universities around the world.
  • Students who are unable to or do not wish to use a device to check-in can ask their academic staff member to check in for them (i.e. the student doesn’t need to use their own device). This method also does not record a location.
  • Students who experience circumstances beyond their control and have been unable to attend 80% of classes which have a compulsory attendance requirement will be able to apply for adverse circumstances consideration.
  • We are only recording attendance information for the purpose of the compulsory attendance policy.
  • Details of the attendance requirement are included in the 2020 terms and conditions of enrolment and the app contains a statement outlining our obligations to privacy. The University’s Privacy Management Plan ensures all information captured in the roll out of the compulsory attendance policy will be confidentially managed in accordance with NSW Privacy Laws and will be securely held and used only for the purposes as outlined in the 2020 terms and conditions of enrolment.

Please be assured this software does NOT track students, it simply records that a student was present in a specific teaching location at the specified time.

How do I check in?

Our short video below will show you how to check in using myUON. Written information about using myUON to check-in to classes with compulsory attendance requirements is also available.

Video: Compulsory attendance: How to check in using myUON

Do you have more questions about compulsory attendance?

You can find a comprehensive range of questions and answers about compulsory attendance at AskUON.

Please visit AskUON for more information about compulsory attendance. If you have feedback about this initiative, you may also provide it at AskUON.