The University of Newcastle, Australia

Enhance your global employability, leverage your China expertise and put your world-class University of Newcastle education into practice by joining Connect 88.

Set within one of Australia's most liveable, vibrant and dynamic regions, students will have access to work-integrated learning, paid internships and a suite of cultural and industrial engagement experiences.

The University of Newcastle plays a central role in the development of the Newcastle and the Hunter. For students, this means direct access to the driving industrial and economic forces of the region.

The vision is to place the university's most talented students in industries spanning hospitality, hi-tech, manufacturing, business services and engineering. In addition to developing practical on-the-job skills such as collaboration and problem-solving, students will be supported by in-depth cultural and communications training by the university.

Graduates of Connect 88 will boast:

  • An immersive experience of Australian workplace culture.
  • Practical insights on how to position oneself competitively in the Australian and global job market.
  • Opportunities to leverage real-time knowledge of China to make a real contribution to the development of industry in Newcastle.
  • Opportunities to stay connected with Chinese labour market before and after graduation.


Video: Work Integrated Learning - Bachelor of Business student Emma at Fresh Marketing

Benefits of Connect 88

Whether it’s work experience for one day or one week or a year-long internship, professional placements are incredibly rewarding and will help you gain valuable skills that can be used once you graduate. You’ll be able to understand what industry expects of employees while creating something productive for a business or organisation.

For more information contact Connect 88.