The University of Newcastle, Australia

Why iLEAD Plus

The iLEAD Plus Program is a global-facing leadership program that is tailored to develop a student’s unique capabilities and goals.

It is an experiential three-stage program designed to connect students with local, national and international networks to accelerate professional development and future career readiness.

Open to all UON students, it combines practical workshops, interactive online learning, personal mentorship, professional placement, and a range of global experience opportunities. Each stage has been designed to equip, test and demonstrate the skills and experiences that students will need to be effective and globally aware leaders of tomorrow.


The ILEAD Plus program will help you to develop your leadership capabilities and achieve your goals through interactive training, mentorship, and experience. As such, you will expand your skills and knowledge across six agilities, all designed to help you develop your global awareness, ability for self-reflection and creative thinking.

You will also have the opportunity to stay connected with peers and professionals involved, both during and after you complete  the ILEAD Plus program, with our leadership community of practice. This way, you can take your newfound skills and experiences from ILEAD Plus and make an impact on local, national or international scales, all the while knowing you have people supporting and inspiring you.

The idea of creating a leadership community of practice is to ensure that the community identify, document, share and apply the learning that emerges. Students will learn peer to peer and connect with UON academic, professional and graduate leaders. Utilising a network can bring diverse people together under a common agenda and shared principles. It can also be leveraged to share learning widely.  A community of practice maximises the opportunity for experiential learning and engagement beyond the ILEAD Plus program.


The iLEAD Plus program is built on six agilities identified in future career trends literature, that graduates will need to be leaders in a rapidly evolving global workforce.

New Media Literacy

Fluency in using different technology-based communication tools and the ability to assess, develop and utilise new media for virtual collaboration.

Build Relationships with Influence

Multi-dimensional communication and negotiation skills, developing networks of contacts, developing the ability to work collaboratively with diverse teams to achieve shared goals, and adapting to social and emotional cues in others.

Leveraging and Valuing Diversity

Demonstrating cross-cultural competency, social intelligence and the ability to adapt to complex social environments.

Global Citizen

Has diversity in experiences across local, national and international settings. Understands the importance of creating opportunities for solving social, environmental, and economic problems sustainably.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Understands the foundations of creative and adaptive thinking and how this is applied to generate innovative solutions to problems.


Relating to others, intervening in situations and adjusting actions relevant to the context e.g. being a leader or a member of a team. Being flexible in how to project and locate oneself with others.

Are you looking to?

  • Be inspired and stretch your understanding of leadership
  • Explore your own leadership capabilities
  • Partner with a mentor to expand your leadership goals and create a development plan for your future employability
  • Demonstrate your leadership capabilities  through one of our amazing learning experiences
  • Make lasting personal and professional connections