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Tegan Keizer: Global Voices Y20 Summit

"iLEAD  Plus has provided me with numerous opportunities throughout my time at the University of Newcastle, most recently to attend the Youth 20 Dialogue in Berlin, Germany. This has allowed me to increase my cross-cultural communications skills, learn more about the world, and broaden my way of thinking.

"As employers increasingly look for candidates with soft skills developed outside of their studies, opportunities offered by iLEAD Plus are a great way to make yourself more employable whilst making new friends, seeing the world, and having an unforgettable time."

Riashad Monjur: Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Conference (HPAIR)

Students like Riashad appreciate opportunities that programs like HPAIR provide - gaining a bigger picture on issues they are passionate about, becoming aware and conscious of them, and gaining a new perspective on what affects one's health holistically. For Riashad, HPAIR was the perfect opportunity to hear from other delegates from around the world, sharing their different perspectives.

"The people who attended have done so many things before and have achieved so much, that it's motivated me to do more and be more actively involved in the community. If there was no iLEAD Plus, I would never have found out about HPAIR. I learned so much and met so many people in just five days - I would recommend anyone to go."

Athea Amiel Baldo: University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS)

2017's theme for USLS was 'Building Life, Giving Hope' and it was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Master of Educational Studies student, Athea Amiel Baldo, was one of this year's participants and said the experience was worthwhile and impressive.

"Since I'm very interested in humanitarian affairs, USLS really appealed to me because it was focusing on humanitarian efforts around the world. I also found it to be a good networking experience; meeting like-minded people from all over the globe, working towards one goal."

Andrei Pomana: Enactus UON

"iLEAD Plus was from the beginning, the easiest and most effective way for me to engage with interesting people and meaningful activities. As an international student first coming to Australia, it helped me understand how to navigate and integrate in the UON community as well as equip me with many skills which are essential to my work and research."

"Currently, I am enrolled in a Master of Philosophy in Architecture. As a result of the iLEAD Plus workshops I attended, the outcome of my research - focusing on improving the perception of built environment by people with autism, has significantly improved. I was also encouraged to volunteer and participate in campus club activities, such as the United Nations Society where I am serving as Vice-President."

Tammay Bagade: University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS)

UON PhD Candidate (Gender and Health), Dr Tanmay Bagade, has been appointed as a UN Urban Scholar for the UN Global Compact - Cities Program (UNGCC) for 2018

"iLEAD Plus helped me develop the skills I needed for the position I hope to gain in the United Nations. I am a doctor - an obstetrician - and have worked in a few developing countries, such as Somalia. I wanted to go to the next level and implement whatever knowledge and experience I have related to policy development, project management, and technical support, which is needed. I wanted to be a part of iLEAD Plus and develop those transferable skills."

Kelsey Gray: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Global Voices

First year Bachelor of Laws/Science student, Kelsey Gray, joined iLEAD Plus in 2017 and has never looked back. Kelsey was looking to create her own unique global perspective of the world, particularly environmental law and saw the UNFCCC was the perfect opportunity.

"I am really passionate about the environment and came across the scholarship opportunity and was instantly interested. iLEAD Plus opens you up to so many possibilities that I didn't even know existed. I'd just encourage everyone to join because if you're wanting to expand your general knowledge, build upon your skills, or if you're wanting to network, there are so many different things you can get out of it. It's just a really good experience and I'm very grateful for the university and iLEAD Plus."

Helena Qian: Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky – Women’s Leadership Conference (Enactus UON)

"A major highlight was meeting so many incredible women who were female champions of women in leadership. I’m particularly passionate about youth empowerment, and so I asked a lot of questions about how to empower youth to do more to have their voices heard. It was just incredible to be with [these leaders] and see them all in the same room, ask them questions directly, be able to communicate with them and pick their brains in such an informal, but also really professional setting. I really hope to be able to pass on the knowledge that I’ve learned to my fellow peers and also those on the sub-committees that I’m looking after."