The University of Newcastle, Australia

Completing iLEAD Plus

With iLEAD Plus, we are committed to inspiring and building a community of leaders.

We want to show you how to inspire others, create change, think differently, communicate your goals and vision, learn with a mentor, make difficult decisions, and implement plans.

Within this vibrant leadership-learning community, students are motivated to develop their existing talents, find new ones, and to explore their beliefs and values. Cultivate the capabilities to lead including ethical decision-making, effective communication, the ability to action new ideas, reflecting on diverse viewpoints, personal growth, respectful team-building, and more.

Emerging as confident and competent leaders, students are encouraged to make positive change at the University of Newcastle and in the global community; building a better world for self and others.

Stage 1 Completion Requirements

Stage 1 Completion Requirements

  • Participate in one Induction Session
  • Participate in Workshop 1 – Create meaningful leadership goals
  • Participate in Workshop 2 – What it means to be a leader and global citizen
  • Participate in Workshop 3 – Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Participate in Workshop 4 – New Media Literacy
  • Complete the iLEAD Plus Agilities Pre-Workshops (Stage 1) Self-Assessment Test
  • Submit the Mentor Preferences Form to inform the formal matching process after the Meet & Greet event
  • Submit the Mentoring Partnership Agreement - after first mentoring meeting
  • Provide evidence of active participation in mentoring meetings - use journal entry in Blackboard to submit one 500-word Mentoring Journey Reflection
  • Provide evidence of active participation in mentoring meetings - posting one Mentor/Mentee selfie posted to social media
  • Provide evidence of establishment of leadership goals - included in second journal entry (after second workshop)
  • Complete iLEAD Plus Agilities Post-Workshops (Stage 1) Self-Assessment Test.
Stage 2 Completion Requirements

Stage 2 Completion Requirements

The iLEAD Plus Launching Leaders Stage 2 experience is currently being redesigned to adapt to the current climate so we can offer our students meaningful experiences that will enrich your leadership capabilities and support your career pathways.

The redesign will enhance the iLEAD Plus Community of Practice where you will develop, create and participate in something that will contribute to the University of Newcastle, local and global communities.

We will be communicating details about the Stage 2 opportunities, information sessions and application dates as soon as we have completed the program design and development.

Stage 3 Completion Requirements

Stage 3 Completion Requirements

The iLEAD Plus Scholars Stage 3 experience is currently under construction in 2020, so we can further develop the stage and offer a better scholarship experience for our leaders.

Stage 3 was offered the first time in 2019 as part of a pilot program, and we are now seeking feedback from participants, looking at ways we can enhance the leadership development opportunities and experiences for our future participants. We want to deliver more for our future leaders.

Opportunity to be involved in shaping iLEAD Scholars Stage 3

If you would like to feed back into the design and redevelopment of Stage 3, please register your details on our iLEAD Plus Think Tank database, and we may contact you to be involved in surveys, focus groups, or other feedback forums to share your ideas and help to shape Stage 3 of the program. Participation in the Think Tank is voluntary and feedback will remain anonymous in reports or program design documentation.