The University of Newcastle, Australia

Completing iLEAD Plus

With ILEAD Plus, we are committed to inspiring and building a community of leaders.

We want to show you how to inspire others, create change, think differently, communicate your goals and vision, learn with a mentor, make difficult decisions, and implement plans.

Within this vibrant leadership-learning community, students are motivated to develop their existing talents, find new ones, and to explore their beliefs and values. Cultivate the capabilities to lead including ethical decision-making, effective communication, the ability to action new ideas, reflecting on diverse viewpoints, personal growth, respectful team-building, and more.

Emerging as confident and competent leaders, students are encouraged to make positive change at UON and in the global community; building a better world for self and others.

Stage 1 Completion Requirements

Stage 1 Completion Requirements

  • Participate in one Induction Session (Full 2-hour attendance)
  • Participate in Workshop 1 – Global Citizenship (Full 2-hour attendance)
  • Participate in Workshop 2 – Meaningful Goal Setting (Full 2-hour attendance)
  • Participate in Workshop 3 – New Media Literacy (Full 2-hour attendance)
  • Participate in Workshop 4 – Entrepreneurial Mindset (Full 2-hour attendance)
  • Complete the iLEAD Plus Agilities Pre-Workshops (Stage 1) Self-Assessment Test
  • Submit the Mentor Preferences Form to inform the formal matching process
  • Submit the Mentoring Partnership Agreement
  • Provide evidence of active participation in four mentoring meetings
  • Provide evidence of establishment of leadership goals
  • Complete iLEAD Plus Agilities Post-Workshops (Stage 1) Self-Assessment Test
  • Answer the program’s evaluation survey
Stage 2 Completion Requirements

Stage 2 Completion Requirements

  • Submit Project Proposal
  • Complete chosen Stage 2 Specialisation
  • Active participation at Community of Practice Session (pre activity)
  • Active participation at Community of Practice Session (post activity)
  • Submission of Mentoring Partnership Agreement via Blackboard (if applicable)
  • Post agilities skills assessment
  • Submission of a resource for sharing with Community of Practice
Stage 3 Completion Requirements

Stage 3 Completion Requirements

  • Complete Stage 2 successfully and be invited to apply for Stage Three.
  • Draft an Individual Project Proposal and attend face to face proposal review with a member of the iLEAD Plus Team.
  • Complete a formal interview and present individual project to panel.
  • Acceptance and formal written response from iLEAD Plus Team.
  • Project commencement with ongoing support from iLEAD Plus Team.
  • Attend any Professional Development Workshops that iLEAD Plus co-ordinates for Stage 3 Students
  • Provide ongoing updates to iLEAD Plus Team via Professional Development Plan.
  • Completion of project, and presentation of project learnings through previously identified platform (eg talk, podcast, video etc).