The University of Newcastle, Australia

Stage Two Leadership Specialisations

With ILEAD Plus, we are committed to inspiring and building a community of leaders.

Knowing that each student brings different aims and motivations to their leadership learning, we offer a number of rich and diverse leadership specialisations.

You may want to create technological solutions for community health, teach enquiring young minds in the class room, launch a start up, or impact international policy development, all leadership goals can be explored through iLEAD Plus.

We want to show you how to inspire others, create change, think differently, communicate your goals and vision, learn with a mentor, make difficult decisions, and implement plans.

Within this vibrant leadership-learning community, students are motivated to develop their existing talents, find new ones, and to explore their beliefs and values. Cultivate the capabilities to lead including ethical decision-making, effective communication, the ability to action new ideas, reflecting on diverse viewpoints, personal growth, respectful team-building, and more.

Emerging as confident and competent leaders, students are encouraged to make positive change at UON and in the global community; building a better world for self and others.