The University of Newcastle, Australia


What iLEAD Plus mentoring offers

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

ILEAD Plus is not just about what you learn in the classroom, it’s about taking opportunities further, growing active relationships and developing capabilities that are going to practically assist you in your future endeavours.  Mentoring is an important way of achieving this.

ILEAD Plus Mentoring offers opportunities to connect UON students with local, national and international industry networks, and to build meaningful relationships and progress your personal and professional goals.

No matter your field or background, mentoring is an opportunity relevant to each faculty and program at UON as it allows students to make further connections across all disciplines. Mentoring is about strengthening what students already have by connecting them with academic and industry professionals.

Our Mentors offer positive role modelling to explore your perspectives, inspire proactivity and leadership potential, and to nurture your self-efficacy, proactivity and leadership potential. Gain insight into leadership that you might otherwise not be able to experience.

The role of mentors is to use their knowledge, skills, experience and connections to guide students as they make decisions.

Mentoring is a two way process and the benefits of participation in the Program are directly related to the level of individual input of both mentor and mentee.

Benefits of mentoring include:

  • Guidance from industry and academic professionals to create your own leadership goals for your future employability.
  • Building professional and interpersonal connections with meaningful local, national and international industry networks.
  • Exploration and development of your perspectives through reflective practice on diverse situations to enhance your leadership capabilities in a socially intelligent and culturally competent manner.
  • Understanding the importance and relevance of meaningful networking and formal mentoring with industry leaders.
  • Gaining inside knowledge and an understanding of what matters in the workplace, leading and adapting to change.
  • Being part of developing a leadership culture.


ILEAD Plus mentors have been recruited and selected based on holding degree qualifications and their active engagement in professional roles with a with a minimum of four years’ working experience.

They have also demonstrated their ability and commitment to:

  • Inspire others to take initiative, learn, grow and engage in self and external reflection.
  • Demonstrated abilities to lead, mentor and adapt to change.
  • Positive inter-organisational working relationships with UON, community, business, industry and other educational organisations.
  • Relevant peer working relationships to enable strategic connections for Mentee/s.
  • To provide access to resources including knowledge about internships, work integrated learning experiences, job opportunities