The University of Newcastle, Australia


What iLEAD Plus mentoring offers

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

iLEAD Plus is not just about what you learn in the classroom, it’s about taking opportunities further, growing meaningful relationships and developing capabilities to practically assist you in your future endeavours.  Mentoring is an important way of achieving this.

iLEAD Plus mentoring offers opportunities to connect University of Newcastle students with local, national and international industry networks, by connecting them with academic and industry professionals.

iLEAD Plus mentoring is about discovering your strengths, areas of interest and career intention.

Our Mentors offer positive role modelling to explore your perspectives, inspire proactivity, and nurture your self-efficacy and leadership potential.

Mentoring is a two way process, with the benefits of participating in a formal mentoring partnership being directly related to the level of individual input of both mentor and mentee.

Benefits of mentoring include:

  • Guidance from industry and academic professionals to develop your own leadership goals for your future employability.
  • Building meaningful professional and interpersonal connections with professionals who are part of local, national and international industry networks.
  • Exploration and development of your perspectives through reflective practice on diverse situations to enhance your leadership capabilities in a socially intelligent and culturally sensitive manner.
  • Growing confidence in building your own connections across different professional disciplines.
  • Gain insights into leadership that you might otherwise not be able to experience.
  • Exchange of expertise, ideas and opportunities to participate in developing leadership culture.

Download iLEAD Plus Mentor Handbook.


iLEAD Plus mentors are from various backgrounds, hold degree qualifications, are actively engaged in paid and/or volunteer roles, ranging from four years’ to a lifetime of professional experience.

iLEAD Plus mentors:

  • Inspire others to take initiative, learn, grow and engage in self-reflection.
  • Enjoy positive inter-organisational working relationships with the University of Newcastle, community, business, industry and other educational organisations.
  • Use their knowledge, skills, experience and connections to guide students as they make decisions.
  • Are rich in resources including knowledge about internships, work integrated learning experiences, and industry opportunities.
  • Through our formal mentoring program, you can realise the importance of meaningful networking and the far reaching benefits of being mentored by industry and academic leaders.
  • Gaining inside knowledge and an understanding of what matters in the workplace, leading and adapting to change.
  • In a world where transferrable skills are important to becoming more employable, and no matter which study program you are a part of, mentoring is relevant to everyone.