The University of Newcastle, Australia

Key dates

Friday, 10 January               Mentoring essay due (500 words)

Monday, 24 February          Mentors Information Session

Monday, 2 March                 Student Induction Session 1

Wednesday, 4 March           Student Induction Session 2

Monday, 9 March                 Student Induction Session 3 / Webinar (Callaghan)

Monday, 9 March                 Expressions of Interest (EOI) close

Tuesday, 17 March              Workshop 1: 'Create meaningful leadership goals' (NeW Space)

Thursday, 19 March            Workshop 1: 'Create meaningful leadership goals' (Callaghan)

Wednesday, 25 March        Meet and Greet with Mentors (IDC Building, Callaghan)

Monday, 30 March              Workshop 2: 'Explore what it means to be a leader and a true global citizen' (NeW Space)

Wednesday, 1 April             Workshop 2: 'Explore what it means to be a leader and a true global citizen' (Callaghan)

10 - 27 April                         Schedule first face-to-face meeting with mentor

Tuesday, 28 April                Workshop 3: 'New media literacy' (NeW Space)

Thursday, 30 April              Workshop 3: 'New media literacy' (Callaghan)

Monday, 11 May                 Workshop 4: 'Entrepreneurial mindset' (NeW Space)

Wednesday, 13 May           Workshop 4: 'Entrepreneurial mindset' (Callaghan)

Wednesday, 13 May           Complete 'Six iLEAD Plus Agilities Self-Assessment' after Workshop 4

Monday, 25 May                 Networking and Celebration Event

Monday, 1 June                 Complete 'Program Feedback Form' online

Friday, 5 June                    Complete 4 mentoring meetings (minimum)

Friday, 17 July                   Mentoring essay due (500 words)

Friday, 17 July                   All completion requirements and feedback survey due

Thursday, 5 March               Stage 2 Information Session

As iLEAD Plus Stage Three operates on individual timelines, there are no generic 'Key Dates' for Stage Three. Each student identifies their own key dates.