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About the program

Stage 1 Emerging Leaders

Stage 1 consists of four interactive facilitated workshops. They are designed to provide you with a strong theoretical framework on what leadership is, and how to create meaningful leadership goals for your future.

Workshop 1 - Explore what it means to be a leader and a global citizen.

Workshop 2 - Develop self-awareness of leadership potential and create meaningful leadership goals for personal and professional life.

Workshop 3 – Identify new challenges you will face in the use of new media in their role of emerging leaders. Through practical activities, you will address the use of technology and media to achieve your objectives and gain fluency in using technology-based communication tools.

Workshop 4 – In this highly interactive workshop you will explore and experiment with innovative approaches to problem solving and consider the importance of ethical and sustainable thinking in innovation.

Stage 1 will prepare you to connect with the iLEAD Plus community/network to create, share and test your goals. It will develop skills necessary to become the leader you would like to be. It will inspire you through exposure to a community of diverse leaders and will launch you to the next stage of the leadership journey where you can practice and experiment your learnings.

Stage 2 Launching Leaders

In Stage 2, you will identify a leadership specialisation you would like to pursue in order to build on your individual goals that you have set during Stage 1. Put your global citizenship and leaderships agilities into practice. You may choose to implement a community project, entrepreneurial activity, collaborating with an existing organisation or program. You may choose to integrate your specialisation into an honours project, research or policy paper.

There are opportunities that the iLEAD Plus program has on offer that you can apply for or identify your own opportunity.

You will develop, create or participate in something that will contribute to the UON community, iLEAD Plus Community of Practice, and the global community. Have a look at our student testimonials for some real examples of what previous students have chosen and achieved.

Stage 3 overview FINAL

Stage 3 iLEAD Plus Scholars

Stage 3 continues to build on the agilities developed during Stage 1 and 2 through a supported self-directed project. Drawing on personal leadership goals, you develop projects across an individual timeline, focusing on specific leadership capabilities.

The Stage 3 process includes:

  • Submission of a project proposal in which you will outline you chosen project, proposed outcomes and the support required to achieve you goals
  • Informal Review with iLEAD Plus Team
  • Formal Interview
  • Commitment of support from iLEAD PLUS upon acceptance
  • Ongoing support, networking and mentorship opportunities

Once you qualify, you will become part of a global network of iLEAD Plus Scholars, which will continue to open doors to further opportunities.

Why Join Us?

iLEAD Plus is tailored to your unique leadership goals, and both expands and deepens your connections to UON's global network of alumni. Build the skills, traits and perspectives you need to be the leader of tomorrow.

This multi-stage program starts by building your leadership skills. Opening up a broad range of exciting opportunities through mentoring and leadership experiences both in Australia and around the world.

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