WSH in Singapore Construction Industry

Assessing the Nexus between Mental Health and Productivity

Come to Me PosterThe research team of UON Singapore has procured the WSHI (Workplace Safety and Health Institute) Research Grant in May 2014 for the research project entitled "Workplace Safety and Health in the Singapore Construction Industry: Assessing the Nexus between Mental Health and Productivity".  This project is being conducted with our industry collaborator Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Company in their worksite premises.

This study aims to determine the prevalence of psychosocial illnesses in a representative cross-section of construction workers in Singapore using standardized questionnaires.  The consequences of such illnesses on the workers' general health, safety and productivity would then be estimated.  Further, suitable intervention measures would be implemented along with the existing preventive measures in place on the given construction sites.

This research would also determine the feasibility and acceptability of multi-component interventions designed to improve mental health and the associated impacts in construction sites.  The estimated time of completion of this research project is July 2015.

Project Contributors:

Principal Investigator, Professor Amir Mahmood

Co-Adviser and Quality Assurance and Control, Professor Brian Kelly

Occupational Therapist, Associate Professor Carole James

Co-Researchers, Dr Charles Lee Chee Chow and Dr Kavitha Palaniappan

Bio Statistician, Mr Shantu Ghosh (Sri Ramachandra University, India)

Research Assistants, Ms Shanu Rekha Loganathan and Mr Goh Jun Jie