Research and innovation

Research and Development (R&D) is an important part of Singapore's competitiveness strategy, and a source of innovation that creates value. Singapore provides the ideal environment for researchers to remain at the forefront of emerging global trends. We lead the way in creating real-world solutions using cutting edge-ideas and technologies.

At Newcastle Australia IHE, our academics produce world-class research in their fields, actively produce publications, publish in international journals, write books, and engage in multi-disciplinary research across faculties. They are members of international editorial boards, and supervise research and PhD students from The University of Newcastle, Australia, and beyond. With a diverse range of research topics, our academic team are always seeking opportunities to collaborate with individuals and organisations on key areas of interest.

Newcastle Australia IHE is in a unique position to leverage our research and innovation capabilities and facilitate further projects by establishing and maintaining ties with Singapore's leading researchers and institutions.