Dr Rama Venkatasawmy

Senior Lecturer (Communication and Media) / Program Coordinator
Faculty of Education and Arts / School of Creative Industries



Rama is a Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Communication and Media; he currently teaches in the Bachelor of Communication program offered in Singapore by the University of Newcastle. He previously taught film/television production courses in the Mass Communication program at Curtin University’s Malaysian campus where he co-designed the Borneo Studies major and was also the founding Head of the Department of Mass Communication. He has also taught at Murdoch University in Australia. He has additionally worked as a copywriter in the advertising industry, as well as undertaken media production-related consultancies for various public and private organisations and institutions internationally. He has presented papers at various conferences, and in 2010 he was co-Chair of the 10th biennial Borneo Research Council International Conference. In 2015, he was the Chair of the inaugural 'Media & Journalism' judging panel for The Undergraduate Awards 2015. He is currently a member of the:


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Murdoch University
  • Master of Educational Studies, University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies)(First Class Honours), Murdoch University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies), Murdoch University


  • Communication and Media

Research Areas

  • Communication, Media, Culture
  • Creativity and Cultural Production
  • Digital Visual Effects
  • Film History, Theory and Criticism
  • Hollywood Cinema and Australian Cinema


2017 International Conference on Arts, Science & Technology 2017 (ICAST- Dubai 2017) Best Paper Award
2017 University of Newcastle Excellence in Teaching Award
2015 University of Newcastle Excellence in Teaching Award
2013 University of Newcastle Vice-Chancellor’s Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning Award



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Venkatasawmy, R., Bibi Aminah A.G., & Justin, T. Sarawakiana series –The Traditional Kayan Wedding: Pelah Hawa. Kuching: Pustaka Negeri (National Library), Sarawak.

Book Chapters

2009 Venkatasawmy, R. ‘Theorizing the Hybridity of “Australianness” in Australian Cinema.’ In A. Sarwal & R. Sarwal (eds.), Creative Nation: Australian Cinema and Cultural Studies Reader, 233-252, New Delhi: SSS Publications.
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Peer-Reviewed Articles



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Conference Presentations

2019Venkatasawmy, R. & Yeap, P.F. ‘Challenges Faced by Educational Leaders in Integrating ICT-Intensive Strategies in Malaysian Higher Education’. 26th ICTEL 2019 – International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning, Bali, Indonesia, December 2019
2018 Venkatasawmy, R. ‘The Impact on the Future of Media Education of Big Data Usage in the Contemporary Media Industries’. 12th European Consortium for Political Research Conference, Hamburg.
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