Dr Neil McGregor

Lecturer (Business)
College of Human and Social Futures/ Newcastle Business School



Neil McGregor joined Newcastle Australia IHE (University of Newcastle Australia) in April 2020. Recently completing his PhD (Economic Geography) with the National University of Singapore, he also holds an MSc in Accounting and Finance and a BA(Hons) Economics both from the University of Stirling. Neil has almost 30 years of experience in teaching, management, research and consultancy work gained working with universities in the UK and internationally. Currently teaching on undergraduate Business Programmes he is also research active in areas including global production networks and supply chain resilience, economic development, the international political-economy of energy and energy transitions.

Neil began his academic career as an ESRC Management Teaching Fellow with the Loughborough University Business School in 1992 before joining Dundee Business School (Abertay University) where his roles – over the 1993-2020 period - included Lecturer Applied Economics and Finance, Research Director and Head of Division (Accounting, Finance and Economics). Neil has also been a visiting professor/ lecturer for other institutions including the University of Stirling, University of Glasgow, Dundee University, RKC (Zurich), ETAP (Tunis) and SEGi and INTI (both Kuala Lumpur).

Neil’s teaching and learning experience includes delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in economics (e.g. International Business Economics, Global Trade and Finance, Energy Economics, Managerial Economics, Innovation Economics and Economic Development), finance (e.g. International Finance, Corporate Finance) and business and management (e.g. Strategic Business Management, Enterprise Development). As Head of Division, with lead responsibility for teaching and learning, research and resources in the Accounting, Finance and Economics subject areas, including for academic quality management processes such as the design, development and accreditation of programmes, subject and programme quality review and as a subject and programme External Examiner on international collaborative partnerships. In both his Director of Research and his teaching and academic management roles, Neil’s research activities include production of number of publications, unpublished reports, conference papers (please see Publications section) and significant income generation (please see Grants and Funding section).


  • PhD (Economic Geography), National University of Singapore, Thesis: State-Firm Nexus: Hybrid Governance and Extraterritoriality of the State in Singapore’s Oil and Gas Global Production Networks
  • MSc Accounting & Finance (by research), University of Stirling Master’s Thesis: Shareholder Wealth Effects of Merger & Acquisition Activity in the UK Stock Market 1977-1989
  • BA(Hons), Economics, Upper Second Class, University of Stirling Honours Dissertation: The Impact of the US Budget Deficit on Real Interest Rates


  • Economic geography of production and development
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Energy economics and finance
  • International political economy of energy
  • Corporate finance, governance and risk

Research Areas

  • Global production networks and development
  • Crisis events and production network resilience
  • Varieties of capitalism, hybrid governance and energy geopolitics
  • Closed supply networks and the circular economy
  • Barriers to energy transitions



2021McGregor, N. and Coe, N.M. (2021) Hybrid governance and extraterritoriality: understanding Singapore’s state capitalism in the context of oil global production networks Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 1-26: DOI: 10.1177/0308518X211048197


McGregor N and Breul, M. (pending) Understanding the Asymmetric Effects of Crisis: A GPN Approach to the Analysis of the 2014 Oil Price Shock in Upstream


Oil Rice, C., Udagawa, H., Thomson, H. and McGregor N., (2008) Do Hours Matter? The Relationship between Motivation and Study Intensity in Learners of English in Scotland, The Social Science Journal, Vol. 45, pp457-475


McGregor, N., (1996) Investment Horizons and Sustainable Tourism: Implications for EU Policy, European Environment, Vol. 6, Issue 6, pp194-203 (now entitled Environmental Policy & Governance)


Limmack, R. and McGregor, N., (1995) Industrial Relatedness, Structural Factors and Bidder Returns, Applied Financial Economics, Vol.5, pp179-190

Books and Book Chapters

2014 Hotho, S. and N McGregor eds. (2014) Changing the Rules of the Game, Palgrave MacMillan: London
2014 McGregor, N. (2014) Business Growth, the Internet and Risk Management in the Computer Games Industry in Hotho, S. and N. McGregor eds. (2014) Changing the Rules of the Game, Palgrave MacMillan: London
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1999 McGregor, N. (1999) Risk and Environment in A. Leask and I. Yeoman (eds), Heritage Visitor Attractions: An Operations Management Perspective, Cassel: London

Conference Papers

2017 McGregor N and Breul, M. GPN Dynamics: Asymmetric Effects of Price Shocks in Oil GPNs, Conference on Global Production, National University of Singapore, 6-8 December 2017
2015 McGregor, N. Enterprise Risk Management and the Economic Greography of Computer Games GPNs 4th Global Conference on Economic Geography, University of Oxford, 19-23 August, 2015
2011 McGregor, N., White, G. and Farley, P. (2011) Successful Industry – Higher Education Collaboration: The Dundee Computer Games Cluster, International Conference on Applied Business & Economics, 2011, University of Piraeus, Greece
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1996 McGregor, N., Investment Horizons and Sustainable Tourism: Implications for EU Policy, 5th European Environment Conference, 1996, University of Nottingham

Selected Other Research and Consultancy Publications

2019 McGregor, N. and Bremner, G. (2019) Perthshire Independent Schools Economic Impact Study for PISG
2011McGregor, N., Kuiseslaute, V. and Blackmore, D. (2011) Perth & Kinross Green Energy Clusters Study for PKC/ Local-Net Environmental Innovation Project
2008McGregor, N. (2008) Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of the Pitlochry Festival Theatre for Scottish Enterprise
2006McGregor, N. (2006) Analysis of the UK Composting Market for DM Ritchie Ltd
2006 McGregor, N., Thomson H. and Udagawa, C. (2006) Précis No. 84 The Tayside Migrant Labour Population: Scale, Impacts and Experiences, Communities Scotland Research Series, Edinburgh, UK
2006McGregor, N. Udagawa, C. and Thomson, H. (2006) Tayside Migrant Labour Population Study for Scottish Enterprise
2005Rice, C., McGregor, N., Thomson, H. and Udagawa, C. (2005) National ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages’ (ESOL) Strategy, Social Research Paper, Scottish Executive, Edinburgh, UK
2005McGregor, N. Udagawa, C. and Thomson, H. (2005) Evaluation of the BNSF Co-ordinated Neighbourhood Management Initiative for DCC
2004McGregor, N. (2004) Digital Media Baselining Study for Scottish Enterprise
2004McGregor, N., Currie, C. and Martin, F. (2004) Construction Skills in Edinburgh & Lothian for Scottish Enterprise, ECC, ELC, MLC and WLC
2003McGregor, N. and Thomson, H. (2003) Tayside Biotechnology Baselining Study for Scottish Enterprise
2003McGregor, N., Udagawa, C. and Thomson, H. (2003) Recruitment and Retention Problems in the Food & Drink Sector: Analysis and Solutions for Scottish Enterprise
2003McGregor, N. (2003) Bio-fuels: Evaluation of Opportunities for AC
2002McGregor, N. and Frew, S. (2002) Assessment of the UK Tenanted Pub Market for S&N plc
2002McGregor, N. (2002) Evaluation of the Asia-Pacific Export Initiative for Scottish Enterprise
2002McGregor, N. (2002) Assessment of the Demand & Supply of ICT Skills in Tayside for Scottish Enterprise
2001McGregor, N., Udagawa, H., Galbraith, M. (2001) Tayside Input-Output Multiplier Study for Scottish Enterprise, AC, DCC and PKC
2000Gelan, A., Udagawa, H., Galbraith, M. and McGregor, N. (2000) The 1999 Open, Carnoustie: Local Economic Impact Study of the Golf Championship for Scottish Enterprise, AC, DCC and PKC

Grants and Funding

Research Grants Obtained

2011-2015 EU Committee of the Regions Multiple Framework Service Contract CDR/ETU/52/2011: Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (CIVEX), 2011-2015 (Co- investigator/ Economist) £176,470
2011-2014 European Regional Development Fund: LoCal-Net Project, 2011-2014 (Co-investigator/ Business Innovation Specialist) £117,647        
2011 The Carnegie Trust: Small Research Grants Fund, 2011 (Principal investigator) £5,000
2002-2008 European Regional Development Fund: SER/ Tayside Economic Research Centre 2002-2008 (Research Director) £1,176,470
2003-2006 European Regional Development Fund: Lothian Labour Market Intelligence Unit, 2003-2006 (Principal investigator) £450,000
2004-2005 Scottish Government, Department of Lifelong Learning, 2005 (Co-investigator); Better Neighbourhood Services Fund, 2004-2005 (Principal investigator) £15,882
2005 Communities Scotland, Social Policy Research, 2005 (Co-investigator) £10,294