Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships allow us to go the extra mile. With a convergence of interests, we believe that something more than the sum of it's parts can be created to deliver meaningful and sustainable change. At UON Singapore, we welcome partnership opportunities that will inspire education on a new level.

Together with UON Singapore, there are various opportunities to:

  • engage our students, alumni, academic and professional staff
  • build brand awareness and recognition through working with relevant industry organisations
  • enforce social responsibility through community-based projects
  • launch customised executive and corporate programs
  • provide consulting services in specific areas of interest

Share with us your values, aims and objectives, and gain leverage from education, research and innovation as a strategy for your business. At UON Singapore, we are dedicated to working closely with you to develop tailored partnership programs and strategies that deliver business and marketing objectives.

We can motivate and complement each other with our strong network by collaboratively engaging with local, national and global communities.

For more information, please contact Ms Shaikha Mattar, Manager - Marketing and Business Development at