Industrial placement

The UON Engineering and Construction Management degrees in Singapore require students to participate in industrial placements. Engineering students must complete at least 12 weeks of industrial experience placement, while Construction Management students are required to complete at least 16 weeks.

Relevant companies related to built-environment (BE) sector who are progressive in adopting advanced construction technologies and initiatives to improve productivity and quality, are welcome to mentor and guide our students in a structured 16 weeks industrial placement.

Students are expected to apply what they have learnt in the programme and, display a positive learning attitude and carry our responsibilities with dignity and hard work. With the ability of our students to be able to grasp tasks at hand well, companies in turn will be expected to provide an enriching and holistic internship experience and provide opportunities for students to undertake real life construction processes.

Some of the companies that our students have been attached to includes:

  • Hexacon Construction Pte Ltd
  • Shimizu Corporation
  • Straits Construction Co Pte Ltd
  • Teambuild Construction Pte Ltd
  • The Ascott Limited
  • Woh Hup Pte Ltd

Some of the companies that students have been employed with after internship:

  • Hong Yang Development Pte Ltd
  • Tong Hai Yang Construction Pte Ltd
  • Woh Hup Pte Ltd

How you benefit

We constantly seek to connect our Engineering and Construction Management students with organisations who will benefit from what our students have to offer. Hosting a student through a placement program also provides employers with a unique opportunity to help shape the learning experiences of the future workforce.

How our students benefit

Most importantly, placements allow students to put their learning into practice and gain valuable exposure to the challenges of the workplace, so when they graduate they are ready to hit the ground running.

How to place a student

Organisations interested in connecting with our Engineering and Construction Management students can contact our Industrial Placement Coordinator, Dr Hassan Ali at for more information.