Introduction to University of Newcastle, Australia

A quality degree at UON gives you a global competitive advantage


University of Newcastle, Callaghan

At University of Newcastle (UON), we have a strong commitment to equity, excellence and engagement to realise our aspiration to deliver first-rate education, research and innovation that contributes to the economic development and social cohesion of our regions, Australia and the world.

With three research and teaching facilities located on the beautiful New South Wales coast - Newcastle, the Central Coast and Port Macquarie - and with our presences in Singapore and Sydney growing, UON Is the place to be to reach for your potential in a vibrant and dynamic world-class academic environment.

What sets UON apart?

1. Study what you love

You get to select your major(s) and specialise in an area that best interests you. For example, if you study the Bachelor of Science, you could choose to major in chemistry, marine science, or sustainable resource management, just to name a few.

2. Make greater impact and connection with people all over the world

With more than 39,000 students including some 7,500 international students from more than 80 countries across our campuses, you can make new friends from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

3. Be career-ready with better paying jobs

According to the Australian Graduate Survey 2013, our graduates have some of the highest starting salaries in Australia and they earn three per cent more than the national average. At UON, we ensure that you are equipped with the skills that need to keep the ground running as you leave the University.

4. Get a competitive advantage globally

With global connections right here at one of the most international universities in the world, it will definitely get you to places when you graduate. Our overseas student exchange program allows you to combine study and travel. With the internationally recognised degree that you are undertaking, rest assured that you will have no obstacles living and working overseas!