OHSE3630 - Hygiene and Toxicology II*

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Hygiene and Toxicology II*

Trimester 2
10 May 2021

40 Credits


Enhances the knowledge and skills acquired in Hygiene & Toxicology I and relates them to the practice of occupational and environmental hygiene in the field, to the toxicological evaluation of chemicals and to hazardous substances risk assessment.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Conduct and report on a dust   and noise survey
  2. Discuss the classification of   toxicity with reference to international harmonisation of labelling of   hazardous substances
  3. Discuss the scientific, social   and ethical issues in risk assessment
  4. Review scientific data used in   setting hygiene standards
  5. Conduct hazardous substances   risk assessments
  6. Explain the key factors   involved in determining hygiene standards and describe the types and   applicability of hygiene standards used in Singapore
  7. Describe the principles of   operation and methods of use of a range of instruments for monitoring   environmental pollutants
  8. Work effectively as part of a   team or group to achieve a shared goal


  1. Overview   of occupational hygiene principles and practice.
  2. Review   of methods of surveying of air contaminants and noise.
  3. Sampling   strategies in environmental and occupational hygiene.
  4. Review   of analytical techniques in hygiene.
  5. Occupational   and environmental hygiene field surveys.
  6. Classifying   toxic substances.
  7. Occupational   carcinogens: risk assessment.
  8. Researching   and reviewing occupational exposure standards.
  9. Exercises   in hazardous substance risk assessment.


Pre-requisite - successful completion of OHSE2640

Assessment Items

Report: Written Assignment - Hygiene Survey Presentation: Group Presentation: Seminar

Final Examination: Written Formal Examination

Contact Hours

Lecture at PSB Academy

Face to Face on Campus 40 hour(s) per Term Full Term

*Pre-requisite course required