ENVS3610 - Environmental Impact Assessment

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Trimester 3
06 September 2021


This course is designed to introduce students to environmental impact assessment and to provide theoretical and practical education in this field. The focus is on the rationale and methodology of integrated environmental impact assessment (EIA), including consideration of the relevant bio-physical, social, cultural, economic and human health aspects of development proposals, programs and policies. Included are aspects of tendering for and budgeting of, EIA projects. Workshops and case studies will illustrate aspects of EIA in practice

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. To critically examine   assumptions inherent in impact assessment.
  2. To develop skills in   identifying and solving problems.
  3. To provide students with an understanding   of the historical evolution of impact assessment in selected parts of the   world.
  4. To provide students with the   knowledge and professional skills necessary to enable them to undertake   environmental impact assessment.
  5. To examine a range of   environmental impact assessments.
  6. To identify and explore impact   assessment fields and approaches.
  7. To familiarise students with a   variety of professional tools used in predicting environmental impacts.
  8. To enable students to develop   skills in critical thinking and professional procedures through various forms   of oral and written presentation and individual and group work.
  9. To encourage students to   develop their own perspectives on impact assessment and to be able to relate   this to other subject areas and to their wider understanding


This course will enable students to develop their knowledge and skills in impact assessment, so that they understand the procedures that must be completed in the integrated environmental assessment process. Students will be encouraged to develop their own perspective on impact assessment and to be able to relate it to other courses and to their wider understanding. Topics will include:

  1. Critical   examination of the assumptions in impact assessment;
  2. Historical   evolution of impact assessment in selected parts of the world, with   particular emphasis on Singapore;
  3. Practical   exercises to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to   enable them to undertake environmental impact assessment;
  4. A   range of examples of environmental impact assessments, so that students can   explore a range of approaches;
  5. Skills   in critical thinking, using various forms of oral and written presentation,   and individual and group work.


This course is only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety program.

Assessment Items

In Term Test: Mid-Term Test

Report: Group Assignment

Final Examination: Written Formal Examination

Contact Hours

Integrated Learning Session at PSB Academy

Face to Face on Campus 40 hour(s) per Term Full Term

Contact hours are not regular or on a weekly basis, since delivery will take place on some weekends and evenings, i.e., there will be some intensive block teaching. Total face to face contact will be 40 hours.