ENVS2710 - Environmental Control Practice

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Environmental Control Practice

Trimester 1
13 Jan 2021


Overviews sources of and control strategies for air, water and soil pollution; waste management and waste minimisation; drainage and flood control; pests and pest control, and sanitation. Relevant legislation is referred to in context.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Identify sources of air, water and land pollution associated with major industries, understand the impacts to the environment and devise strategies to control and prevent pollution.
  2. Identify relevant legislation for environmental control and advise on strategies for compliance;
  3. Understand and manage environmental risks of chemicals and hazardous substances;
  4. Assess and manage environmental noise problems;
  5. Assess environmental health issues such as vector-borne disease and food-borne disease and devise appropriate vector control and food hygiene measures.
  6. Systematically address waste production and strategies to minimise and manage the waste stream


  1. Outline of relevant environmental and public health legislation in Singapore;
  2. Air pollution - prevention and control;
  3. Water pollution - prevention and control;
  4. Soil pollution - prevention and control;
  5. Environmental noise pollution - prevention and control;
  6. Outline of the biology of major pests - mosquitoes, houseflies, rats;
  7. Pest control;
  8. Infectious organisms and sanitation measures;
  9. Food hygiene
  10. Waste minimisation and management;
  11. Management of stormwater and drainage systems.


Assessment Items

In Term Test: Class Test - Progress Test

Written Assignment: Written Assignment

Final Examination: Written Formal Examination

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