ENVS2620 - Biosciences for EOHS

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Biosciences for EOHS

Trimester 2
10 May 2021


Introduces to the student the basic components of biological systems and provides a background knowledge of human physiology and anatomy in relation to environmental and occupational health. Topics include animal cell structure, micro-organisms and basic biochemistry, major body systems, defence mechanisms and reproduction.

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Describe the ultra-structure of cells and outline the functions of major organelles;
  2. Describe, using examples, the organisation of cells into tissues, organs and organisms;
  3. Explain with examples homeostasis;
  4. Outline the processes of cell   respiration;
  5. Describe the structures and functions of major systems in the human body concerned with the intake of materials and information; transport and distribution of materials; nervous and hormonal communication; movement; breakdown and metabolism of materials;   excretion, body defence and reproduction.


The course covers the fundamentals of the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the human body as they relate to environmental and occupational health. Major topics are:

  1. Cell structure and function and cellular organisation into tissues, organs and organisms
  2. Homeostasis
  3. Cellular respiration
  4. Human respiratory system and breathing
  5. Blood, lymph, the cardiovascular system and transport in the body
  6. Endocrine and nervous systems and communication
  7. Skeleto-muscular systems and movement
  8. Digestion and metabolism
  9. Excretion
  10. Immunity and body defence
  11. Reproduction


This course is not only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety program, but also non-award students. No change for entry criteria (entry criteria will be the same as that for students in the bachelor's program).

Assessment Items

Presentation: Group Presentation

In Term Test: Class Test - Progress Test

Final Examination: Written Formal Examination

Contact Hours

Integrated Learning session at PSB Academy

Face to Face on Campus 40 hour(s) per Term Full Term