Bachelor of Business

Studying with The University of Newcastle Australia is a wise decision that I have made. I really appreciate the enriching learning experience. It helped me to find out what I like to work on. I will continue to do postgraduate study and work in this field. Lastly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to UON and all the nice people I have met in this degree course!

Zheng Handan, Bachelor of Commerce

UON Singapore

Cohort of 2017

Embarking on the business programme (Major in Marketing and Management) with University of Newcastle, I had the opportunity to experience two vastly different campus life - with the Singapore campus and Callaghan campus in Australia. While both campuses had a wide array of school events, the nature of the activities differed based on the different ethnic groups present. The Singapore campus mainly comprised of Southeast Asian students, while the Australian campus saw greater diversity from other places in the world. Despite the cultural differences, the teachers in both campuses were friendly and tried their best to create an interactive environment for the students to learn from one another. I do not regret my dual campus experience as it brought me a different perspective on my choice of study, as well as the different cultures and people that I encountered.

Yan Ting Hilda Low, Bachelor of Business

UON Singapore

Cohort of 2016

Hear from our Graduates - Vivi

I enrolled in the UON business programme (Major in Marketing and Management) in 2012 and officially graduated in November 2014. As of December 2014, I have been working as an activation and promotion executive for a fashion and lifestyle magazine in my hometown, Jakarta. I am delighted to be in this position as I have always dreamt of working in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Vivi, Bachelor of Business

UON Singapore

Cohort of 2014