Bachelor of Information Technology (Major in Systems Development) – Part-time

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Next Term Start Date: 28 August 2017

If you aspire to build your digital know how and become a tech leader, you should enroll in our Bachelor of Information Technology (major in Systems Development) (BIT) degree. This degree will equip you with IT skills and knowledge in information security, network administration and project management.

Our information technology graduates are technically savvy, creative and highly employable. In a world of rapidly changing technology, public and private organisations are increasingly reliant on flexible IT professionals.

Our information technology graduates can choose career paths in  a range of industries, including:

  • banking
  • government agencies
  • MNCs
  • local media and gaming industries
  • web development and programming
  • academia

Courses offered in this degree cover the following areas:

  • project management
  • business analysis
  • systems and networking administration
  • game production
  • web programming
  • UML systems modelling

This degree can be completed entirely in Singapore on a part-time basis in six trimesters over two years.

Professional Recognition

Singapore Computer Society

SCS Logo

All BIT students are members of the Student Chapter of Singapore Computer Society (SCS), the largest IT professional body in Singapore. BIT graduates are eligible for the one-year free SCS Graduate Membership.

Hear from our graduates:

  1. Mr Ankit Saurabh, Graduated in 2015
  2. Mr Jaruwitt Akaratongskul, Graduated in 2014
  3. Ms Beatrix Judika Evelyna, Graduated in 2013
  4. Mr Saurabh Saxena, Graduated in 2012
  5. Mr Wijanarko, Graduated in 2012
  6. Ms May Lei Win, Graduated in 2011
  7. Mr Adrian Pardede, Graduated in 2011
  8. Ms Inez Bratahalim, Graduated in 2010
  9. Mr Need Sapre, Graduated in 2009
  10. Dr Ilung Pranata, Graduated in 2009

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