Bachelor of Communication (Major in Public Relations and Journalism) – Full-time

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Next Term Start Date: 7 May 2018

Be eligible for Merit Based Scholarships if you apply by 6 April 2018. Terms and Conditions apply.

There is an ever-growing demand for Communication and Public Relations specialists to fill various positions in both the public and private sectors of the economy in Singapore and in Asia at large. If you enjoy writing, possess good writing skills and have the urge to learn to communicate more effectively, The University of Newcastle's Bachelor of Communication (major in Public Relations and Journalism) is the degree for you.

Designed to provide a solid understanding of the theory and the practice of communication in a global environment that is both complex and rapidly changing, the Bachelor of Communication degree enables you to learn to work creatively and analytically in the communication and culture industries. Its core courses provide you with a broad understanding of the discipline of Communication encompassing:

  • an introduction to audio, video and web production
  • a toolkit of professional and academic analytical skills and
  • an understanding of creative, professional practice

The Bachelor of Communication degree and its courses were developed and designed by academic staff in Australia with considerable professional experience in Public Relations, Journalism, Television, and Broadcasting.

In Singapore, the degree is delivered by local award-winning teaching staff with professional media expertise and industrial experience in Public Relations, Journalism, Television, and Broadcasting and has a 90% completion rate – meaning 9 out of 10 students who start, complete the degree and graduate.

This degree can be completed entirely in Singapore on a full-time basis in six trimesters over two years.

The University of Newcastle is the only Australian university to offer in Singapore a Bachelor of Communication where you can opt for two majors in Public Relations and Journalism.


Public Relations Institute of Australia

The Bachelor of Communication degree is accredited by the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). As a result of this accreditation, all students actively enrolled full-time in this degree have access to PRelationship which is an e-membership that gives Bachelor of Communication students access to all PRIA's online resources, including Golden Target Award case studies, the Asia Pacific PR Journal, industry news, blogs, and free entry to webinars.

PRelationship members have to abide by the PRIA Code of Ethics, but there are no CPD requirements and therefore no post-nominals. Students studying the UON Bachelor of Communication degree in Singapore and Australia will have  access to these valuable resources, free of charge and eligibility and terms and conditions for this e-membership with PRIA are the same for both group of students. The PRelationship e-membership is valid for 12 months.

Hear from some of our graduates:

  1. Ms Gabriella Sugiarto, Graduated in 2015
  2. Ms Ayesha Normayastuti Zulazm, Graduated in 2014
  3. Mr Queek Jiayu, Graduated in 2013
  4. Mr Ahmad Syazwan Bin Ahmad Khalis (Syaz), Graduated in 2012
  5. Ms Joanne Ling Hui En, Graduated in 2012
  6. Ms Eva Berlin Fransiskus, Graduated in 2011
  7. Ms Suzanne Lau Gek Kuei, Graduated in 2011
  8. Ms How Xuan Lin, Cheryl, Graduated in 2010
  9. Mr Taisuke Yamamoto, Graduated in 2010
  10. Mr Farid Arrisyad, Graduated in 2010

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