Bachelor of Communication – Full-time

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Trimester 1 – 10 January 2022
Trimester 2 – 09 May 2022
Trimester 3 – 05 September 2022

The University of Newcastle, Australia currently offers in Singapore a Bachelor of Communication degree that students can complete full-time with a Double Major in Public Relations and in News Media.

Students will gain a solid understanding of the theory and practice of communication in a global environment which is both complex and rapidly changing. Students will learn to work creatively and analytically in the communication and cultural industries, and for further study and research in the discipline.

While enrolled in the Bachelor of Communication program, students will automatically become student members of the Newcastle Australia IHE Student Chapter of the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS) until completion of studies. Student members get to experience industry visits and IPRS-hosted events on an annual basis.

About the Public Relations Major

The Public Relations Major addresses key needs and changing demands in the PR industry and broader employment, including social and multi-media content creation and the ability to critically analyse (big) data, while continuing to utilise traditional skills to showcase their talent in strategic planning as well as written and oral communication skills.

The Public Relations Major provides you with the skills required in the profession and practice of public relations. This industry assists organisations in establishing and maintaining communication and cooperation with stakeholder groups. Your core courses in public relations will focus your study around strategy, communication, and campaign execution.

The Public Relations Major is suitable for Communication students who have:

  • an interest in learning how to manage relationships between brands and external stakeholders.
  • goals to pursue a career in brand communication, promotion and advertising, among other fields.
  • a commitment to maintaining successful business relationships and creating a ‘personal’ brand.

What jobs can you get with a Major in Public Relations?

Bachelor of Communication graduates majoring in Public Relations have the opportunity to develop in-depth expertise that is often recognised by above-average salaries, and may seek employment in the field of public relations, or pursue related careers in:

  • event management
  • promotion
  • advertising
  • marketing
  • policy development

About the News Media Major

The world-wide-web has had a major impact on traditional forms of media distribution, and this has affected many communication industries, including journalism. But there remains a global need for stories to be told in a variety of formats by journalists, skilled in the craft of writing, analysing and reporting. The News Media Major provides you with the opportunity to develop practical skills and knowledge that is relevant to the contemporary journalism landscape.

The News Media Major enables you to learn to plan, develop, write, record and edit stories across a variety of media platforms. This major prepares you to work in journalism whether you want to work for news organisations, new online media outlets, as freelancers, in other media businesses, or as embedded creatives in other industries. You will learn to produce media for video, audio, mobile, print and online platforms.

You will undertake embedded, authentic, experiential assessments and will leave the program with a specialised portfolio that showcases your journalistic skills.

The News Media Major is suitable for Communication students with:

  • an interest in learning about the reporting process across traditional and digital media channels.
  • goals to pursue a career in journalism.
  • a commitment to reporting on local and international events, or interested in social journalism, niche, or specialty writing for online publications.

What jobs can you get with a Major in News Media?

Bachelor of Communication graduates majoring in News Media have the opportunity work in radio, television, as well as online and print media. They can work as news and specialist reporters, columnists, commentators, copywriters, producers, sub-editors, editors, newsreaders, and presenters.

The skills learnt through the News Media Major are highly valued in public relations, publishing, law, commerce and business wherein experienced journalists can have successful careers as:

  • media officers
  • publishers
  • editors
  • speechwriters for government officials
  • politicians and executives
  • corporate communicators

The Bachelor of Communication degree and its courses were developed and designed by academic staff in Australia with considerable professional experience in Public Relations, Journalism, Digital Media, Television, and Broadcasting.

In Singapore, the degree is delivered by local award-winning teaching staff with professional media expertise and industrial experience and has a 90% completion rate – meaning 9 out of 10 students who start, complete the degree and graduate.

This degree can be completed entirely in Singapore on a full-time basis in six trimesters over two years.

The following courses have been designed for the Public Relations and News Media Major:

Core Courses

Compulsory courses

Directed courses – News Media

Directed courses – Public Relations


Students can select 20 units of Electives


Public Relations Institute of Australia

The Bachelor of Communication degree is accredited by the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). As a result of this accreditation, all students actively enrolled full-time in this degree have access to PRelationship which is an e-membership that gives Bachelor of Communication students access to all PRIA's online resources, including Golden Target Award case studies, the Asia Pacific PR Journal, industry news, blogs, and free entry to webinars.

PRelationship members have to abide by the PRIA Code of Ethics, but there are no CPD requirements and therefore no post-nominals. Students studying the University of Newcastle Bachelor of Communication degree in Singapore and Australia will have access to these valuable resources, free of charge and eligibility and terms and conditions for this e-membership with PRIA are the same for both group of students. The PRelationship e-membership is valid for 12 months.

Read the Program Handbook here

Hear from some of our graduates:

  1. Arinijay Bansal, Class of 2022
  2. Isabella Tian, Class of 2020
  3. Nadia Amirah, Class of 2020
  4. Roziana Cindy, Class of 2019
  5. Pek Yi Tsing, Class of 2019
  6. Shruti Ravindran, Class of 2018
  7. Gabriella Sugiarto, Class of 2015
  8. Sarah Voon, Class of 2012
  9. Duncan Elias, Class of 2011
  10. Eva Berlin Fransiskus, Class of 2011
  11. Farid Arrisyad, Class of 2010

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