Bachelor of Business – Full-time

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Next Term Start Date: 7 May 2018

Be eligible for Merit Based Scholarships if you apply by 6 April 2018. Terms and Conditions apply.

When you study a Bachelor of Business you will establish a firm understanding of the contemporary business environment and undertake studies in a range of disciplines. You will have the opportunity to select from four majors.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • International Business
  • Leadership and Management
  • Marketing

In your first year of the business degree you will complete subjects from a broad range of disciplines. This initial year of business studies gives you a strong grounding in business principles and equips you with a set of core business development skills before you choose your major. You will develop skills in the following areas:

  • accounting
  • management
  • law
  • marketing
  • microeconomics
  • finance
  • business decision making

In the second year of your Business degree, you will undertake courses relevant to your chosen specialty. Each of our majors provide specialist skills to succeed within that field.

In Singapore, the degree is delivered by academics who are:

  • Highly qualified and have industry knowledge
  • Professionally experienced, produce research outputs, and have scholarly knowledge
  • Approved by the faculty of Business and Law, University of Newcastle, Australia

The academics will impart their knowledge and a sense of global citizenship to students via internationalised and localised case studies and real life examples, taking cross-cultural elements in consideration. You will have better insight into how the external environment changes and affects the contemporary business environment in Singapore and the world.

Exciting, stimulating and lucrative career path awaits graduates of this degree.  The transferable skills gained through university study allow graduates to pursue a broader range of career pathways - some of which, may require further study or experience.

Some fields include:

  • business management/ business development
  • change management
  • market research
  • branding
  • project management
  • retail management
  • management consultancy
  • human resource
  • procurement and compliance
  • economics
  • marketing and sales
  • business analysis
  • client services
  • supply chain
  • entrepreneur
  • academia

This degree can be completed on a full-time basis in Singapore. The normal duration of the entire degree is six trimesters over two years, depending on your prior qualifications and the number of credit transfers/exemptions that you will be granted.


Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

The University of Newcastle’s Business School (NBS) has received international acclaim for its programs through accreditation from USA-based Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Hear from some of our graduates:

  1. Ms Jesselly, Graduated in 2016
  2. Mr Adolfus Aldo Kosim, Graduated in 2014
  3. Ms Vivi Lompo, Graduated in 2014
  4. Ms Sunny Johar, Graduated in 2014
  5. Ms Wu Tingyu, Ivy, Graduated in 2013
  6. Mr Lim Jia Hui Jonathan, Graduated in 2013
  7. Mr Thobie Nugraha, Graduated in 2012
  8. Ms Lidya Suryani, Graduated in 2012
  9. Mr Phan Vinh Thanh (Henry) and Ms Kok Hui Sien (Kayzel), Graduated in 2012
  10. Mr Cyrill Fabio Binder, Graduated in 2011
  11. Ms Loh Suet Huay, Graduated in 2011
  12. Ms Samridhi Sundrani, Graduated in 2010
  13. Mr Sukianto Hamzah Christopher, Graduated in 2010
  14. Mr Joseph Wang, Graduated in 2008
  15. Mr Felix Surya, Graduated in 2008

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