Student Council

The first Singapore Student Council was established in February 2021 with its motto "One School, One Voice".

The Student Council is determined to synergize students' academic experience by creating strong student culture and involvement. As, leaders we want to create camaraderie amongst the students, instil leadership values, and inspire student's lives. We want to mould passionate leaders of the future. Fly high Newcastle Australia IHE!

The Student Council serves as a channel for communication between Newcastle Australia IHE and the student community on matters affecting the academic and social wellbeing of students.

It aims to positively impact student experience in matters related to their educational experiences, welfare, and wellbeing, and by organizing a range of activities, extra-curricular events, and out-of-class engagement opportunities amongst the student community, industry, community and alumni.

Getting to know our Student Council

President – Sunilprashanth s/o Rajendran

Bachelor of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety

Sunil is a nature-lover, and he enjoys travelling the world. In his free time, he loves to read, cycle, run, swim, play football and engage in voluntary work. Sunilprashanth’s aim is to inspire students and lead the Council in creating a positive student community

Vice President – Gabriella Salim

Bachelor of Communication

Gabriella has been a model since she was young. Her goal in this Council is to support the student body of the University in having the best university life experience.

Secretary – Nurul Nadiah Bte Mohamad Nazry

Bachelor of Commerce

Nurul learnt how to cook during the pandemic and her signature dish is Pesto Pasta. One of her goals in Student Council is to organise events that will uplift student's spirits.

Marcomm – Arinjay Bansal

Bachelor of Communication

Arinjay calls himself a book geek, movies & TV shows are his forte, and he is also a podcaster. All in all, He sometime talks a lot, well, professional hazard. One of his main goals as the student council is to make University life more fun and full of different adventures.

Assistant Marcomm – Kamillo Surjoko

Bachelor of Communication

Kamillo enjoys go-karting as a hobby. His goal in this council is to help the students at the Newcastle Australia IHE to have their best school experience.

Treasurer – Sharon Andrea

Bachelor of Commerce

Sharon loves travelling. She hopes by joining the Student Council, she can unite all Newcastle Australia IHE students and maintain high spirit.

Assistant Treasurer – Natasha Lim

Bachelor of Business

Natasha loves robots and information technology. Before she switched to studying business, she used to be the assistant logistics head of her CCA in secondary school. She wants to be the voice of students and make students life more enjoyable, because it’s not just about studying.