UONS Journalism Collective (UONSJC)

In 2015, a group of UON Bachelor of Communication (BCOMN) students came together to discuss the feasibility to launch a portal that can be used to publish their work. The portal, called My .EDIT Magazine will provide students a platform to feature local and international events, reports and write-up on events and, gaining valuable experience in the process. This platform will also provide students who may already have industry knowledge and experience as writers (in both local and international magazines), an avenue to interact and showcase their work. It will also be the first time where the Junior and Senior students of the degree will have a chance to interact and gain valuable knowledge from one another.

The University of Newcastle in Singapore Journalism Collective (UONSJC) was initiated and under its wing, work immediately to get the portal up and running for the launch on 24th February 2016.

The UONSJC Council Members are:

President – Kunalan Velraj

Vice President – Nurfilzah Mastura Bte Foad

Marketing and Events Officer – Debayan Dutta

Public Relations Officer – Saurabh Menon

Secretary – Natalie Chew

Treasurer – Jasmine Ho

UONSJC Group Photo

All BCOMN students are automatically members of the club when they enrol into the degree. View the UONSJC Facebook and YouTube page here.

For more information, please contact Dr Rama Chandra Venkatasawmy at rama.venkatasawmy@newcastle.edu.au.