Singapore Computer Society - Newcastle Australia IHE Student Chapter

The Singapore Computer Society (SCS) - Newcastle Australia IHE Student Chapter was established in 2008. All Bachelor of Information Technology in Singapore are members when they enrol into the degree.

Recently, SCS have agreed to extend this privilege to all Master of Business Administration students studying in Singapore. This advantage will help to groom students better as they upscale into their career.

SCS-UONS Committee 2015

SCS was established in 1967 and it is the largest professional IT body in Singapore. It aims to lead the way by enabling the members to contribute to the growth and leadership of Singapore's ICM industry, adding value to members' professional careers and personal development and to be the unified voice for the ICM industry in areas of public policy, workforce development, IT standards and certification. Today, it represents over 30,000 members and is growing in strength through its network of activities. Learn more about SCS Student Chapter here.


The objectives of SCS Student Chapter are:

  • To provide a valuable service to the student community by extending access to SCS activities and programs.
  • To provide a channel for students to network with IT professionals and help them gain first-hand experience that will prepare them for the world of work.
  • To foster Newcastle Australia IHE /SCS collaborations in symposia, learning forums and other technical activities.


The benefits to the University and to student members are as follows:

  • Entitlement to free selected SCS events and access to other SCS events and privileges.
  • Subsidised student rate for other chargeable SCS seminars.
  • Membership discounts for SCS endorsed events and product offers.
  • Company site-visits as a learning platform for students.
  • Access to SCS resources and expertise.
  • Provide opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  • Enjoy products and services at a special discount.
  • Access to online SCS publications:
    • SCS e-newsletter
    • International Journal of IT

For more information, please contact Dr Kavitha Palaniappan at