President's note

Let's Network, Let's Grow and Let's Reconnect

Singapore Alumni President

I am honoured to have the opportunity to lead the University of Newscastle's Alumni Association–Singapore Chapter (UONS). As the university embarks on its 50th year, I hope you share my pride in our alma mater for all that it has accomplished and for its vision in moving forward.

Homecoming is one of hundreds of ways in which you can 'come home' to UON but you can still stay connected with UON regardless of which part of the world you are in by being a part of the various UON alumni chapters spread across the world. The Singapore alumni chapter plans a number of events to help us to connect with other alumni and to re-connect and re-engage with the university - a place we so loved while we were studying, but so quickly and easily lose track of when we leave.

I would like to welcome you to the big UON alumni family; some of these people you will meet over the course of your life and some you may never meet – but wherever you go and whatever you do, this community, this family of University of Newcastle Alumni, will always be available to support you.

UON has over 2,000 alumni in Singapore; imagine the network we can create. Imagine the possibilities if we all come together. My vision is to bring all 2,000 alumni under one roof and as a Chapter, we are striving toward this goal. The support you all have shown at our recent events, coupled with the dedicated work of the all Singapore Chapter members, assures me that we are on the right track. The journey is long and we need your support. So, my fellow alumni, I urge you to join us for future events, mentor recent graduates and continue to foster a stronger Alumni Network.

If you are in Singapore, you can still stay very much connected with us. Take a look at our events page, where you can view upcoming events, or consider inviting a former classmate or friend to re-connect.

Friends, let's network, let's grow and let's re-connect with our alma mater – the University of Newcastle. See you all at Singapore Chapter's next event.


Kaushik Bhanushali

University of Newcastle Alumni – Singapore Chapter