Committee Member's note

Let's Network, Let's Grow and Let's Reconnect

Joining the UON Singapore Alumni Chapter in 2011 was probably one of the easiest and best decisions I've made till date. The University provided us with a fruitful learning experience and gave us the platform which helped us thrive in the professional community.

I was quite excited at the opportunity of giving back to the UON community. Well, that's the least I could do. And 8 years down, as the President of the Chapter today, I feel blessed and empowered to have been on this journey with the University for so long and having grown the Singapore Alumni Network to become one of the most successful chapters, a team that UON can be proud of. This is just the beginning, we look forward to the future and aim to keep the UON flag flying high. Forza, UON :)

I would like to ensure that the alumni would support the university students and fresh graduates especially by providing avenues to establish direct connections to the alumni working in top and leading organizations in different industries. As an alumni network we ensure to achieve the following:

  • Develop and expand the community of University of Newcastle alumni
  • Enhance the professional, networking and social opportunities for all alumni
  • Assist young alumni to transition into the workforce
  • Build the reputation of the University by championing its achievements and endeavors locally
  • Engage in initiatives that enhance the student experience and recruitment opportunities
  • Foster a culture of volunteering and philanthropy through the University

Once again, I would like to thank the University and alumni for their continued support. I’m excited about the years to come, as we partner to strengthen and grow our Alumni Association.

Sanket Bothra

University of Newcastle Alumni – Singapore Chapter

In Aug 2009 I started my journey with the University of Newcastle as an MBA student and continued my association by joining the Singapore Alumni Chapter of UON. It is my honour to serve as the Alumni President of the same chapter, after eight years of my connection with the university.

I feel extremely proud to be associated with such a prestigious university where the stellar track record of the illustrious students of this university, have proven their mettle in various fields throughout the world. The in-depth university curriculum and its vast educational experience have shaped the lives of numerous individuals across the globe including mine.

I believe the value system of the university i.e., equity and social justice, excellence, integrity, innovation, engagement and sustainability and pursuit of excellence is at the core of the university’s educational philosophy. I can proudly say that these values have become a part of both my personal and professional life.

Chandni Dinani

Immediate Past President
University of Newcastle Alumni – Singapore Chapter

After graduating from University of Newcastle, I have always treasured the relationship that I have built with fellow Uni-friends and Lecturers. Joining the Singapore Alumni Chapter has given me an access to keep the relationship going and also enable me to continue to connect with our alumni.

It is an honour to be able to serve our current and future alumnus. Let us build a strong network for our alumni and furnace relationships that lasts forever.

Joy Li

Vice President
University of Newcastle Alumni – Singapore Chapter

One of the best features about UON Singapore Alumni Chapter is the joy of experiencing massive networking with familiar surroundings and extraordinary people. I count myself lucky being able to serve on the soil of my alma mater after 6 remarkable years. As an ordinary member, I have been greeted with golden opportunities of being among brilliant minds.

Life is a journey, and all accomplishments we achieve during its course should be taken as starting points for further achievements. And we don’t have to stop there! Since 2018, it gives me great pleasure to serve as treasurer of UON Singapore Alumni Chapter.

Tirtharenu Bhaumik (Tirtho)

University of Newcastle Alumni – Singapore Chapter

Since graduating from UON in 2010, I've been actively involved in the Singapore Alumni Chapter which has been a truly rewarding and wholesome experience. Personally, I’ve benefited significantly from the networking opportunities, as the alumni network instantly give you a network to tap into, while bringing together like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. It is also an effective career building tools because one of the things to remember about alumni associations is that they want you to succeed. Of course, they’re hoping your success will inspire others and help the university to raise their profile and reputation. So joining alumni network can be great tools for building your career and maximizing your earning potential while giving back at the same time.

I’ve also developed a great camaraderie with the committee members and is a relationship I’ll never trade anything for. I have served as the General Secretary of UON Singapore Alumni Chapter in 2018 and would take pleasure to serve as Marketing Communications Lead from 2019 and will continue to do, so please join me!

Carmen Loh

Marketing Communications Lead
University of Newcastle Alumni – Singapore Chapter

It’s my greatest honour to serve in the UON Singapore Alumni Chapter this year. My years of study as a UON student has undoubtedly shaped me into the individual I am today. I consider it a privilege to serve the chapter with my fellow dedicated alumni who all strive to build a better and more meaningful UON community.

I’m very eager and excited to share and hear about the stories and experiences of UON’s many accomplished alumni and hopefully derive useful life and career lessons through my journey as a secretary from 2019 onward.

Liesa Desisca

University of Newcastle Alumni – Singapore Chapter