Vision and strategic direction

Our mission

Newcastle Australia IHE plays an important role in providing access to a world-class higher education in Singapore and the broader region. Newcastle Australia IHE leverages the University of Newcastle’s academic excellence to create distinctiveness, enhance global reputation, and achieve national and regional recognition. Our education programmes are respected and robust and are supported by a service culture to students. Our staff members have a range of language skills and are multi-cultural.

Newcastle Australia IHE commits to:

  • Offering students the opportunity to develop a broad cultural and global perspective while pursuing an undifferentiated degree from the University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Nurturing future leaders of business and industry in the Asia-Pacific to drive economic and social prosperity across the region, and
  • Promoting and growing two-way mobility of students and staff between the University of Newcastle’s Australian and Singapore campuses.

Our vision

To be a world-leading university for our regions.

The University of Newcastle's 2025 vision

The University stands as a global leader distinguished by a commitment to equity and excellence and to creating a better future for its regions through a focus on innovation and impact.

Our purpose

  • To deliver an exceptional student experience, preparing graduates for life in an increasingly interconnected society.
  • To serve our regions by taking research that matters to the world and bringing our global expertise home.

Our values

We believe in a set of shared core values with the University, however the strategic direction uniquely derived for Newcastle Australia IHE includes:

  • Excellence
    We pursue the exceptional and strive for innovation in our teaching, research and operating environment.
  • Equity
    Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusiveness is fundamental to everything we do. We believe that every person has the right to participate and succeed.
  • Engagement
    Our staff, students, alumni and communities are deeply connected to the challenges and opportunities in our regions and beyond.
  • Sustainability
    We are ethically minded and prioritize responsible management of our environment and financial resources

The Newcastle Australia IHE strategic plan is guided by five key strategic pillars:

  1. Leverage the University's Academic Excellence in Singapore
    to create distinctiveness, enhance global reputation, achieve national and regional recognition
  2. Research & Innovation
    to create distinctiveness, enhance global reputation, achieve national and regional recognition
  3. Human Capital Formation
    to achieve sustainable development, to be distinctive and innovative
  4. Operational Efficiency
    to achieve financial sustainability and sustain a competitive advantage
  5. Financial Sustainability
    to leverage the University's academic excellence, undertake research and innovation and invest on human capital formation

The above strategic pillars play a pivotal role in identifying our key strategic objectives and formulating the required strategies to achieve them.