Sessional Lecturers / Tutors - Civil Engineering

We are seeking sessional lecturers/tutors with a proven track record of effective teaching and experience in the field of Civil Engineering.  Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to teaching and coaching the following courses:

1)Hydrology (Full Time Programme)

This course introduces students to hydrology and the hydraulics of open channels. Topics include an overview of precipitation, evaporation, infiltration and runoff. Hydrology, frequency and routing of floods. Yield analysis, climate and hydrologic mass balance. Open channel hydraulics including mass, energy and momentum equations. Characterisation of steady flow, controls and channel design. Unsteady flow in channels.

2)Water Engineering (Full Time Programme)

Provides introduction to water engineering practice. It draws on earlier courses in fluid mechanics, hydrology, statistics and shows how the concepts developed in the earlier courses can be applied to water engineering design. By examining in detail several water engineering design problems, the course develops student awareness of the art of design and an appreciation of holistic thinking as well as specific water engineering skills.

3)Water Engineering Project (Full Time Programme)

This course provides a practical introduction to investigation and design techniques in water engineering. The emphasis is on a realistic problem requiring investigation of several options in a multi-objective context and conceptual design. The problem is set by a practicing engineer.

Selection Criteria

*A Master’s Degree in the relevant field with some professional experience would be an added advantage.
*Evidence of lecturing and/or tutoring skills and a commitment to the delivery of high-quality teaching
*Ability to work cooperatively with academic and professional staff
*Willingness to contribute effectively as a member of a cohesive team


Interested applicants are invited to email their resume to: Kindly state the following as the email subject - “Sessional Lecturer / Tutor – Civil Engineering”.

Please check University of Newcastle website for further details on the courses at:

Kindly note that your application will be assessed based on the selection criteria. It is essential that you address each criterion to enable the selection committee to properly assess your application and suitability.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.