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At UON Singapore, we deliver service excellence ranging from finance and operations to service and marketing, and most importantly admissions, enrolments and graduation. Our talented team of professional staff is dedicated to enlighten you with any queries concerning the degrees that we offer in Singapore and, we aim to bring value to our students through the extensive support that we provide. Feel free to contact the respective individuals for any clarifications.

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Izdihar Bte Fairuz Nian

Student Administration, Senior Officer
Phone: +65 6221 3306 ext 107
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Sharifah Noorain Alhabshi

HR, Senior Officer
Phone: +65 6221 3306 ext 106
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Tirtharenu Bhaumik profile image

Tirtharenu Bhaumik (Tirtho)

Finance and Operation, Senior Officer
Phone: +65 6221 3306 ext 113
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Joey Ee Jin Ying

Student Administration, Officer
Phone: +65 6221 3306 ext 115
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Zainab Bte Kiran

PA to Pro Vice-Chancellor
Phone: +65 6221 3306 ext 103
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