Sessional Lecturers / Tutors - Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

We are seeking sessional lecturers/tutors with a proven track record of effective teaching and experience in the field of Mechanical Engineering.  Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to teaching and coaching the following courses:

1)Sustainable Engineering Practice (Full Time Programme)

The focus of all the courses is on integrating professional skills with technical skills. The second of the professional development courses introduces students to sustainability and `Green' engineering concepts.  Students are trained in improving the written communication skills building through several workshops and through the assignments and reflective journal submitted for this course.

2)Linear Control and Estimation (Full Time Programme)

This course provides students with an in-depth coverage of optimisation-based state feedback control concepts as well as the linear observers needed to design such controllers. Topics covered include Kalman filters, Linear Quadratic Gaussian Control, and Model Predictive Control. In particular, the minimum mean squared error estimation is used to derive Kalman filters for optimal state estimation.

3)Introduction to Professional Engineering (Full Time Programme)

This course is the first in a series of professional practice courses that introduces students to professional skills that are integral to an engineering workplace. The focus of all the courses is on integrating professional skills with technical skills. The courses also incorporate academic survival skills and support.

4)Fluid Mechanics 2 and CFD (Full Time Programme)

This course blends together physical and mathematical concepts in a more advanced treatment of fluid mechanics. Analytical methods introduced in earlier courses are extended to compressible flows, applications in fluid machines and turbulent flows and turbulence modelling. The latter is used as a basis to provide a practical introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

5)Engineering Complexity (Full Time Programme)

The focus of all the courses is on integrating professional skills with technical skills.
Students are challenged by the special difficulties of offering engineered solutions into environments involving open-ended problems and their consequences. Engineering management and thinking tools are applied to the development process and are employed to manage complex and challenging scenarios. This course focuses on the application of sound engineering principles to the complex demands of problems involving conflicts of priority and ill-defined scopes of work, which are increasingly evident in contemporary society.

Selection Criteria

*A Master’s Degree in the relevant field with some professional experience would be an added advantage.
*Evidence of lecturing and/or tutoring skills and a commitment to the delivery of high-quality teaching
*Ability to work cooperatively with academic and professional staff
*Willingness to contribute effectively as a member of a cohesive team


Interested applicants are invited to email their resume to: Kindly state the following as the email subject - “Sessional Lecturer / Tutor – Mechanical Engineering”.

Please check University of Newcastle website for further details on the courses at:

Kindly note that your application will be assessed based on the selection criteria. It is essential that you address each criterion to enable the selection committee to properly assess your application and suitability.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.