Dr Rita Rosita Pidani

Rita holds a Master of Business Administration from Monash University, Australia. She started her academic career as a Lecturer in Indonesia in 2002, where she taught undergraduate and postgraduate students in the areas of Management and Economics. Rita did her PhD degree in Economics at the University of Newcastle, Australia. While doing her PhD, she taught business and economics courses, particularly business decision making (business statistics), macroeconomics and microeconomics to business and communication students in the Newcastle Business School.

Rita's research interests include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) development, small business export development, small business growth and development, and international business.


  • PhD in Economics
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Economics


  • international business
  • small business economics
  • export management

Research Areas:

  • Internationalisation of SMEs
  • small business economics
  • export development of SMEs

Topics Covered:

  • determinants of SMEs export development
  • internationalisation of SMEs in developing countries