Dr Koh Yit Yan

Yit Yan graduated from the University of Leeds, specialising in Engineering Fluid Mechanics.  Despite his main research area in Mechanical Engineering, which includes the mathematical modelling of fluid flow with the aid of the supercomputer, he also completed a module on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, which emphasises pedagogy, learning, and assessment. In addition to his research in the areas of teaching and learning, he has also been invited as speaker and trainer in seminars and workshops related to teaching and learning, sharing best practices in teaching and learning with fellow colleagues and students.

Yit Yan is currently also the Hononary Secretary of the South East Asia Association of Institution of Research.


  • PhD (Engineering), University of Leeds
  • BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds


  • Thermofluids

Research Areas:

  • Engineering Fluid Mechanics
  • Institutional Research
  • Action Research in Teaching and Learning
  • Yoga Practices