Dr Huong Ha

Dr. Huong Ha holds a PhD from Monash University, Australia and a Master's degree from LKY School of Public Policy, the National University of Singapore. She was a recipient of many scholarships awarded by Monash University, Temasek/NUS, the United Nations University/International Leadership Academy, professional and academic awards, and several research related grants. Her previous positions include Dean, Director of Research and Development, Deputy Course Director, Chief Editor, Executive Director, and BD manager. She has authored or co-edited four books published by Springer; Palgrave Macmillan and Business Express Press; and has published about 75 journal articles, book chapters, conference papers and articles in encyclopedia. She is an invited member of (i) the international editorial boards of many international journals; (ii) the scientific/technical committees of several international conferences; and (iii) international advisory board of many professional associations. She is also a reviewer of many international high-impact journals.


  • PhD (Monash University, Australia)
  • MPP (National University of Singapore)
  • ILA Cert (UNU/ILA)
  • GradCert, BA, BA

Professional Certificate/Development:

  • Certificate, University of Oxford, Department of Continuing Education and Oxford University Press - July 2015
  • Certified CEO (provisional) – 2014, The CEO Institute, Australia
  • Member of the International Institute of Directors and Managers, Australia (2014 - on going)


  • business
  • change management
  • governance
  • management
  • sustainability

Research Areas:

  • change management
  • CSR
  • governance (public governance, corporate governance and climate change governance)
  • sustainability (environmental, social and financial)
  • consumer protection

Research Supervision - DBA:

  1. Year Commenced: 2016
    1. Research Title: Motivational Influences on Transferring of Corporate English Training to Subsequent Use in Organisation
  2. Year Commenced: 2015 (Dissertation)
    1. Research Title: Engaging Vietnamese Students in Australian Accounting Courses through Inter-teaching at an Offshore Campus
    2. Research Title: Examine the impact and effectiveness of CSR initiatives of retail banks in Hong Kong on the consumers' selection of banking services
    3. Research Title: An Examination of the Determinants of Customer Loyalty in Hong Kong Wireless Telecommunications Industry
  3. Year Commenced: 2014 (Dissertation)
    1. Research Title: CSR initiatives by hotels in Hong Kong

Phd External Examiner (2012/2013 - Ongoing):

  • Invited by Anna University, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Pondicherry University, and Bharathia University

Topics Covered:

  • change management
  • CSR in banking sector and hotel industry
  • governance
  • sustainability
  • consumer protection