The University of Newcastle, Australia

HCCI research

Sometimes the questions we ask are beyond the expertise of any one scholar. Through collaborative research projects, the cluster for Historical, Cultural and Critical Inquiry draws upon multiple disciplines in order to open new horizons in humanities research.

Research networks and projects

The Centre for the Study of Violence

The Centre for the Study of Violence is a world-first collaboration that applies new historical knowledge to advance humanity's understanding of violence. Members of the Centre explore every aspect of the history of violence, including concepts of violence, representations of violence, questions of interpersonal violence and issues of political and cultural violence.

Wine Studies Research Network

Wine studies research is a humanities and social science-based field at University of Newcastle. Cross-discipline collaboration in this field includes scholars from history, social science, business and tourism.

Dictionary of Newcastle Project

The Dictionary of Newcastle Project involves the development of a digital Dictionary of Newcastle. It will bring the city’s historical archives into an online format with reliable online, searchable source of historical knowledge on Newcastle's past as it relates to coal and other forms of employment and culture.

Waiting for Equality Project

The major aim of the Waiting for Equality Project is to help to tell a story yet to be told at an international, national and local level. The stories will be interpreted through a public exhibition to be held at Watt Space Gallery. The project will uncover many stories about this significant social and policy issue in the Newcastle and Hunter region, including: a detailed analysis of the postal survey vote; impacts on LGBT+ mental health; lobbying to bring about change, and the panoply of responses from both LGBT+ individuals and social groups.

Other networks

We also network with resource organisations that help us enrich the Newcastle Hunter region’s cultural heritage.