Masters Projects, Students and Supervisors

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety

Joanna Holland To determine whether the SmartCap Drive Fatigue Monitoring Device can help Detect Fatigue Related Medical Disorders in Mobile Plant Operators 2015 - 2019

Principal: Assoc Prof Carole James

Co-Supervisor: Dr He Wang

Medical Radiation Sciences

Lauren Andreou An Investigation on the Potential Role of Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Equine Sarcoids 2019 - 2021

Principal: Dr Yolanda Surjan

Co-Supervisors: Assoc Prof Coralie English; Professor Christopher Milross and Dr Christine Smith

Carey Lauchlan Analysing Accelerometer Data in Relation to the Magnitude and Direction of Forces that Contribute to Concussion in Rugby League Players 2016 - 2020

Principal: Assoc Prof Peter Stanwell

Co-Supervisors: Dr Sharmain McKiernan and Dr Andrew Gardner

Laura Feighan Assessing the Feasibility of Developing an Exercise and Nutrition Program for Breast Cancer Patients During Radiation Therapy Treatment 2017 - 2021

Principal: Dr Lesley MacDonald Wicks

Co-Supervisors: Dr Yolanda Surjan and Professor Robin Callister

Toni Kelly An Investigation into Intergenerational Communication Strategies in
Radiation Therapy
2017 - 2021 Principal: Assoc Prof Helen Warren-Forward

Co-Supervisors: Dr Yolanda Surjan and Dr Marianne Rinks
Samantha O'Brien Health Effects of Occupational Radiation Exposure in Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Australia 2017 - 2021

Principal: Assoc Prof Helen Warren-Forward

Co-Supervisor: Dr Daphne James

Laura O'Connor Development of an MRI Only Imaging Protocol for Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning for Patients With Complex Pelvic Cancers. 2017 - 2021

Principal: Conjoint Prof Peter Greer

Co-Supervisors: Assoc Prof Helen Warren-Forward, Dr Jason Dowling and Conjoint Prof Jarad Martin

Sharon Oultram The Identification of Post-Lumpectomy Seromas by Radiation Therapists in the Management of Early Stage Breast Cancer 2014 - 2018

Principal: Assoc Prof Shane Dempsey

Co-Supervisor: Conjoint Prof Peter Greer

Melissa Shields Assessment of Burnout in Australian Nuclear Medicine Technologists 2017 - 2021

Principal: Assoc Prof Helen Warren-Forward

Co-Supervisors: Dr Daphne James and Assoc Prof Lynne McCormack

Nutrition and Dietetics

Aaron Bezzina Explaining the Gender-based disparity in Health: An Insight into Contributors of Morbidity and Mortality in Men 2018 - 2022

Principal: Professor Clare Collins

Co-Supervisors: Dr Rebecca Haslam and Dr Lee Ashton

Kelly Squires Simulated Learning Experiences in Nutrition and Dietetics 2018 - 2022

Principal: Assoc Prof Leanne Brown

Co-Supervisors: Dr Lesley MacDonald-Wicks; Dr Catherine Johnston and Dr Susan Heaney

Lisa Urquhart Gathering Perspectives of Success in an Aboriginal Nutrition and Exercise Program 2017 - 2021

Principal: Assoc Prof Leanne Brown

Co-Supervisors: Dr Karin Fisher and Dr Kerith Duncanson

Occupational Therapy

Monique-Jasmine Clements The Relationship Between Sensory Features and Developmental in Premature Infants 2017 - 2022 Principal: Assoc Prof Alison Lane

Co-Supervisor: Prof Shelly Lane
Emma Kemmis
A Mixed Method Study to Explore the Efficacy and Utilisation of Functional Mobility Equipment and its Impact on Independence for People with Grade II and III Obesity
2017 - 2021

Principal: Dr Lesley MacDonald-Wicks

Co-Supervisor: Dr Samantha Ashby

Gai Lovell Ensuring Correct Fit and Sustainability of Assistive Technology for Clients Within a Rehabilitation Model of Care 2019 - 2023 Principal: Prof Shelly Lane

Co-Supervisor: Dr Anna Rose
Carrie McCallum Occupational Therapy in Traumatic Brain Injury: Services, Interventions and Outcomes 2019 - 2023 Principal: Dr Kylie Wales

Co-Supervisor: Dr Samantha Ashby and Dr Laura Jolliffe

Oral Health

Kelsey Ingram The Economic Impact of Oral Health on Cardiovascular Diseases 2018 -
Principal: Assoc Prof Janet Wallace

Co-Supervisors: Professor Jane Taylor and Dr Melanie Hayes


Damien Cummins The Effect of Retraction Movements of the Cervical Spine on Persistent Head Pain of Cervicogenic Origin 2016 - 2020

Principal: Dr Peter Osmotherly

Co-Supervisors: Professor Darren Rivett and Dr Lucy Thomas

Christopher Downs An Analysis of Injury Databases of Amateur Netball Players 2014 - 2019

Principal: Professor Robin Callister

Co-Supervisor: Assoc Prof Suzanne Snodgrass

Baeho Joo Implication of a Quick Balance Screening Tool, the 10 Second Tandem Stance, in the Prescription of Mobility Aid 2018 - 2022 Principal: Dr Peter Osmotherly

Co-Supervisor: Dr Jodie Marquez
Katrina Kenah Investigating Boredom in Stroke (IBIS) 2015 - 2020

Principal: Ms Heidi Janssen

Co-Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Julie Bernhardt, Professor Neil Spratt and Dr Toby Cumming


Clare Linton Factors Affecting Healing Outcomes Following Minor Lower Limb Amputations 2017 -

Principal: Assoc Prof Vivienne Chuter

Co-Supervisors: Dr Fiona Hawke and Dr Peta Tehan

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