Find a Music supervisor

Before you apply, contact a supervisor for discussion on possible research projects. This will allow you to frame your proposal to align with established disciplines and areas of supervisor capacity.

  • Dr Jim Chapman: African music, computer mediated learning, jazz and popular music, music education, music and intercultural syncretism, musical rhythm theory, world music
  • Associate Professor Jon Drummond: The interactive electroacoustics, robotics, sonification of natural phenomena, acoustic ecology, and real-time interactive performance systems for acoustic instruments.
  • Dr Helen English: Australian music, keyboard, musicology, 19th century music, music and gender, sociology of music
  • Associate Professor Rosalind Halton: Baroque and classical performance practice, harpsichord and fortepiano, Italian baroque cantata, performance as research
  • Dr Philip Matthias: Academics, chamber choir, organ, Australian choral music, Australian sacred and spiritual music, Torres Strait Islander music
  • Mr Nathan Scott (co-supervision): Audio recording and production, cognitive neuroscience of music, creative music production, digital sound synthesis & processing, game music development, ICT literacy in music education, music technology, network music technology (telematics), soundtrack design.