The University of Newcastle, Australia

Do you know someone who studied at the University of Newcastle?

Maybe a friend, a mentor, your mother, father or someone else you look up to? Our unique International Alumni Family and Friends Scholarship means you can follow their path and study at the University of Newcastle too.

How the scholarship works

When a University of Newcastle alumnus refers you through the scholarship program, you’ll receive a $10,000 AUD contribution towards your studies. You’ll also gain access to exclusive professional development opportunities and invaluable professional connections. For more information, download the scholarship terms and conditions.

As an International Alumni Family and Friends Scholarship recipient you will:

  • receive VIP tickets to the University of Newcastle's prestigious Alumni Awards.
  • attend meet and greet events with alumni entrepreneurs and leaders.
  • gain membership to local Hunter Alumni Network and Hunter Young Professionals group events.
  • attend behind-the-scenes industry visits.
  • receive an invitation to a special Welcome Ceremony.
  • gain access to a career industry mentor (exclusively for postgraduate students)

More information about the scholarship

        Benefits for Alumni

        As an alumnus, there's plenty in it for you too.

        When you refer a student through the scholarship program, you’ll be supporting the next generation of students, helping create new memories, and continuing your legacy as a proud member of the University of Newcastle’s global alumni community.

        As a thank you and in recognition, University of Newcastle alumni will receive exclusive benefits, including:

        • a permanent place on the Alumni Legacy Path in the heart of our Newcastle Callaghan Campus.
        • an exclusive gold alumni pin
        • a Certificate of Appreciation from our Vice-Chancellor