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17 November 2017

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This scholarship is for students who show a keen interest in and commitment to participating in supervised research topics with the School of Medicine and Public Health.

Participation is voluntary, however the scholarship will provide you with an opportunity to learn new research skills and presentation skills. If you choose to undertake a project, the Deputy Head of School (Research) would like to see a PowerPoint presentation and a brief statement on the benefit of actively participating in the learning opportunity. This would be due on 23rd February 2018.

A list of topics will be available at time of application. Applicants should select a topic of interest and contact the appropriate supervisor to discuss further details of the project and ensure suitability. Topics are:

  • The role of mitochondrial DNA in response to Traumatic Injury, Dr Gabrielle Briggs
  • Mapping vehicle air pollution hotspots in Newcastle, Dr Benjamin Ewald
  • Dysfunctional mitochondria contribute to lung fibrosis in ageing and disease, Conjoint A/Prof Christopher Grainge
  • Head injuries in people living in Residential Aged Care Facilities, Dr Carolyn Hullick
  • An Evaluation of Journal Impact Factor and Paper Citations for Public Health Nutrition, Dr Alexis Hure
  • Inflammatory gene profiling in pregnancies with asthma to predict adverse perinatal outcomes, Dr Vanessa Murphy
  • Investigating the mechanisms of cardiac fibrosis, Dr Lucy Murtha
  • Investigating effect of Galectin-3 restoration on lung immune function in severe asthma, Dr Kavita Pabreja
  • Relative hypotension and acute kidney injury in patients with shock: A prospective multicentre cohort study, Conjoint Lecturer Rakshit Panwar
  • Progressing excellence in patient-centred care via Multi-Disciplinary Teams, Associate Professor Christine Paul.

Applicants are encouraged not to nominate a topic in their application before they have contacted the topic supervisor.


To be eligible to apply for this scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine (Joint Medical Program), Bachelor of Biomedical Science, or Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) with the faculty of Health and Medicine.
  • Demonstrate your interest in a nominated research topic and provide the details of the supervisor. It is recommended that you contact the supervisor prior to application.

Required Documentation

If documentation is not provided your application will not be processed. Please have all required documents available for upload as PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, or JPG files prior to completing the online application process.

  • Provide a short written statement (1 page) on your interest in this research topic.


Twelve (12) scholarships are available valued at $2,000 each. This benefit will be paid following acceptance of the scholarship offer.

The scholarship also provides a non-compulsory opportunity to actively participate in specific research projects over an 8 week during December 2017 to February 2018.


Selection of the scholar shall be based on consideration of the application and academic merit, or by nomination from the school if suitable candidates are known.


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