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Recipients of the 2020 Women in Research (WIR) Fellowship are empowered to reach their full potential and focus intensively on research, strengthen and fast track their academic careers and nurture research leadership capability.

Image of Hedda 

Dr. Hedda Askland [FEDUA Humanities and Social Science] – is a social anthropologist examining mining and displacement in the Upper Hunter and Mid-Western Regions of New South Wales

Image of Debra 

Dr. Debra Donnelly [FEDUA Education] – is exploring an educational approach to virtual reality with applications forteacher preparation by extending TeachLivE [micro-teaching avatar classroom] applications

Image of Heather 

Dr. Heather Douglas [FSC Psychology] – is examining a covertmeasure of Imposter Phenomenon and its impact on leadership

Image of Helen 

Dr. Helen English [FEDUA Creative Industries] – is exploring the impact of song-writing courses on aged-care residents

Image of Renee 

Dr. Renee Goreham [FSC Mathematical and Physical Sciences] – is investigating nanomaterial synthesis and characterisation for biomedical applications

Image of Andrea Dr. Andrea Griffin [FSC Psychology] – is a behavioural ecologist capitalising on the big data revolution and exploring ecosystem-level questions of global significance
Image of Sally 

Dr. Sally Hunt [FSC Psychology] – is examining the use of alcohol by women, reasons for this use and developing interventions to address the closing gender gap in hazardous alcohol use

Image of Laura 

Dr. Laura Luo [FBUSL Newcastle Business School] – is exploringhow businesses and capital market participants are adapting to new regulations and standards in carbon management

Image of Peta 

Dr. Peta Tehan [FHEAM Health Sciences] – is investigating ways to end avoidable lower limb amputations from diabetes in Australia

Image of Tamara 

Dr. Tamara Young [FBUSL Newcastle Business School] – is developing a framework to nurture localised place-based tourism entrepreneurship for Aboriginal communities in Australia

Women in research

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