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Research Sponsorship Scheme

Research Sponsorship Scheme

The University Researcher Sponsorship Scheme is a strategy to support researchers to facilitate career development through engagement with peers and professional leaders in their respective fields to obtain individual guidance and critical feedback.

Researchers will  be assisted in developing and maintaining one-on-one sponsorship partnerships with a senior leader from academia, industry or the business community  through the Research Sponsorship Scheme.

The scheme is based on an empirically validated scheme that shows that many positive outcomes such as getting promoted, more peer review publications, higher grant income and being more strategic within the University and external to University sectors.

Common topics that Researchers benefit from having a matched sponsorship partnership include:

  • expanding independent or collaborative research careers
  • broaden strategic thinking within academia, industry or the business community
  • growing research profile, networks and collaborations
  • obtain individual support, guidance and critical feedback

Research Sponsorship is most effective when both parties:

  • recognise that the sponsorship relationship is one that is earnt through the building of trust between both parties
  • that the Sponsorship is a two way reciprocal agreement dependent upon the continued delivery of outstanding performance by the individual being sponsored

The role of a Sponsor will:

  • facilitate high-level contact introductions
  • assist the identification of stretch assignments that will advance an individual’s career
  • advocate and endorse for their sponsors throughout their career with the University
  • provide a broad perspective when providing critical feedback


Open to all UON Researchers.

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