Researcher Resources

Grants and awards

Grants and Funding

Grants and Funding

Funding opportunities and grants from major funding bodies including the ARC and NHMRC. Get help submitting your grant application... More

Awards and Prizes

Awards and Prizes

Winning major prizes and awards is a way to build reputation as well as secure positive media attention.... More

Integrity and ethics

Human Ethics Thumbnail

Human Ethics

All human research projects require approval from the University's Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)... More

Animal Ethics

Animal Ethics

The University of Newcastle Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) has been established to oversee the care and use of... More

Animal Services Unit

Animal Services

Animal Services is committed to ensuring adherence to the requirements of legislation, and ensuring the welfare of animals at all... More

Safety in Research and Training Thumbnail

Safety in Research and Teaching

Research activities have additional health and safety risks above normal safety at work. Laboratory safety and risk assessments... More

Codes, Policies and Procedures Thumbnail

Policies, Procedures and Codes

External research codes of conduct and University policies and procedures governing the conduct of research projects at the University... More

Research Performance

Research Systems and Performance

Research Performance and Systems

The Research Performance and Systems team provide support for the collection of research income and research publications data.... More

Promoting your research

Researcher toolkit

Reputation Building Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help researchers build their research reputation and contribute to the University's research ranking success.... More

Researcher Profiles Thumbnail

Researcher Web Profiles

Your researcher profile is an individual, publicly accessible web page on the UON website that showcases your research.... More

Information for Research Supervisors

Information for research supervisors to help develop an understanding of student needs and supervisory expectations and responsibilities.... More

Computing, Library and Scientific Resources

Research Systems Thumbnail

Online Research Systems

Links to IT systems used by researchers in the application for and management of research projects.... More

Research Computing Services Thumbnail

Research Computing Services

Academic Research Computing Support (ARCS), is responsible for supporting the specialised computing needs of researchers... More

Library support for researchers

Library Support for Researchers

The Library provides a range of specialist research services and resources to support the discovery, use and management of information.... More

Central Scientific Services Thumbnail

Central Scientific Services

Central Scientific Services provide access to flow cytometry, analytical and biological mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, x-ray services... More

Statistical support services

Statistical Support Services

The Statistical Support Service (StatSS) provides advice on statistical methods to help university students and staff engaged in research... More

HMRI Imaging Centre

HMRI Imaging Centre

The University of Newcastle, in partnership with HMRI and HNELHD, offers access to a Prisma Clinical Research MRI Scanner for... More