Material Cultures of Early Modern Women's Writing

The prestigious journal, Studies in English Literature recently proclaimed Material Cultures of Early Modern Women’s Writing, edited by Associate Professor Ros Smith and Senior Lecturer Dr Trisha Pender of the Early Modern Women’s Research Network, “by far the most significant collection of essays on women writers this past year.” High praise and due recognition of the contribution this volume makes to the literature of early modern women writers and their times.

Material Cultures of Early Modern Women's WritingIncluding work by a selection of scholars in the field, these pieces focus on the production, transmission and reception of key texts and figures in the history of early modern women writers. Collectively, they examine and discuss ways in which the material circumstances of these writers and the texts they produced have been, and continue to be read, understood and studied.

The book engages with a range of theories of textual production and explores how a given text amounts to a material artifact embedded firmly within it’s time and place. In thinking about how we might understand this artifact from today’s perspective, the writers draw special attention to the function of gender within textual production, both in terms of limitations and as a locus of patronage, collaboration and community.

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